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Top 10 Most Awesome Funko POP! Figures


If you don’t know what a Funko POP! is or if you don’t own at least one, then you can’t really call yourself a nerd.  POP! vinyl bobble heads and figures have become a bonafide phenomenon within the nerd community.  Whatever your tastes in nerd culture, they can be satisfied among the Funko line of products.

My personal obsession began when I saw a Batman and a Robin bobble heads in my local Target.  They were only six dollars so my love of DC Comics and my love of collecting kicked in and I purchased them.  They were originally to live on my desk, but curious co-workers compelled me to take them home with me.  It wasn’t long before Batman and Robin grew into my desire to put together the Justice League for display on my bookcase.  Against my better judgement, I opened the first fifteen POP! figures I bought.  That’s okay because I never intend to part with them, but my later acquisitions are still perfectly safe within their original boxes, never to be opened.

To make a long story short, what began as just an attempt to honor the Justice League turned into a rather vast collection of these very adorable and highly collectible little figures.  My collection is now at 151 and still growing.

So with the help of some of my fellow POP! collectors here at Word of the Nerd, we put together this nice little Top 10 list of the coolest looking Funko POP! figures and bobble heads.  Enjoy and may the POP! be ever in your favor.



POP! Disney: Jungle Book - Kaa#10 — POP! Disney: Jungle Book – Kaa


Disney is one of the most popular of the Funko POP! lines and for good reason.  Disney has ageless appeal and this Kaa figure from the animated film The Jungle Book is currently in the Funko vault which makes it a hot commodity for collectors. 

POP! Animation: Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku#9 — POP! Animation: Vocaloid – Hatsune Miku


Chosen by our own resident anime expert, Rizuki Ann is this selection from Vocaloid, Hatsune Miku.  This POP! is still available online at near retail price for you anime fans.


POP! TV: The Walking Dead - Hershel#8 — POP! TV: The Walking Dead – Hershel 2014 SDCC Exclusive


This figure from The Walking Dead is a 2014 San Diego Comic-Con exclusive.  Like many of the SDCC exclusive merchandise, it is now very hard to find and fetches a price at just over $100 online.  This version varies from the regular release due to the removable head which gives it the nickname, The Headless Hershel variant.

POP! Marvel: Dr. Doom#7 — POP! Marvel: Dr. Doom


There are plenty of heroes and villains in the Marvel Universe, but this Doctor Doom figure is unique.  It is a special metallic version of the regular figure and like its counterpart is very rare due to its current status in the Funko vault.  You can still get the regular non-metallic version online for around $100.

POP! Marvel: Avengers Age of Ultron Hulkbuster#6 — POP! Marvel: Avengers Age of Ultron Hulkbuster


So after seeing Iron Man and Hulk duke it out in Avengers: Age of Ultron, who wouldn’t want to own this figure?  Funko has a few of their figures that are larger than their regular releases.  This special 6 inch Hulkbuster can still be found at retailers and well as online but it’s probably going to cost you around $50.  For those who think that’s steep, it is still cheaper than the Marvel Build-A-Figure version that will set you back $120 to $140 for all seven figures.


POP! Heroes - Swamp Thing Previews Exclusive#5 — POP! DC Heroes – Swamp Thing Previews Exclusive


There are several versions of DC Comics’ Swamp Thing that have been released, but this Previews exclusive is by far the coolest of the bunch.  The others’ coloring is a little off.  Even the glow in the dark version doesn’t look quite right.  However this version is extremely well colored and takes the number five spot on our list.  This figure can still be found at retailers as well as online.

POP! Marvel: Ant-Man - Yellowjacket#4 — POP! Marvel: Ant-Man – Yellowjacket


Even though Yellowjacket wasn’t the most diabolical of Marvel movie villains, he does make for one fantastic POP! figure.  Funko’s version of Yellowjacket is vibrantly colored and looks amazing on the shelve.  Fortunately for collectors, it is still widely available below retail cost.  This isn’t a highly sought after figure, but its awesomeness makes it a fine addition to your POP! collection.

POP! Star Wars: BB-8#3 — POP! Star Wars: BB-8


Based on cuteness alone, BB-8 is one of the most popular new characters to come out of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  If you haven’t gotten your hands on this adorable release you better hurry they are getting scooped up fast by fans and collectors alike. 

POP! Games: Evolve - Goliath#2 — POP! Games: Evolve – Goliath


Video games is where Funko really excels.  Their video game line is highly detailed, brilliantly colored and are generally prized by collectors.  This Goliath figure from Evolve is vaulted but can still be found online and at some retailers.  There is also a Game Stop exclusive version as well as one of those rare 6 inch versions.

Pink Hearts Harley Quinn Hot Topic Exclusive#1 — POP! DC Heroes: Pink Hearts Harley Quinn Hot Topic Exclusive


This is a fairly new release in time for Valentine’s Day.  A Hot Topic exclusive and highly sought after item, this particular figure sold out in record time and will set you back $25 to $35 online.  This is one of my personal favorites and a coveted addition to my collection.  At the number one spot is the Valentine’s Day Harley Quinn.


Did your favorite POP! make our list?  We would love for you to share your favorite POP! figures with us.  Please share them in the comments below.

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