Sci-Fi Film Vehicles That Really Exist

The Future is Here: 3 Kick-Ass, Sci-Fi Film Vehicles That Really Exist

The sci-fi genre has brought to the silver screen some of the wildest inventions of the imagination. Perhaps the most notable aspect of the genre are the vehicles that transport our futuristic heroes and heroines across post-apocalyptic terrains, alien landscapes, and across time and space.

Some concepts may never reach fruition in reality and others may be years of tech advancement away, but a few are actually in prototype today. Whether far-fetched or manufactured, here are the top five most kick-ass sci-fi vehicles ever to hit the big screen.

Hover Board: Back To The Future Part II

This 1989 film classic purported all kinds of predictions about the far off, futuristic year of 2015, most of which have been far off the mark. Anti-gravity and self-lacing shoes may never make it to a shoe store near you, but at long last, 2015 did behold the hoverboard. After several online hoax videos, it was confirmed that several legit hoverboards (not the two-wheeled, forward-facing boards that borrowed the hover board name) prototypes were, in fact, in development.

One such prototype designed and developed by Lexus uses magnets to actually achieve hoverability. As demonstrated in Robert Zemeckis’s interpretation of the future, these boards require extreme balance capabilities, and the magnets used to propel the board from a specifically designed, magnetic surface run at 300 degrees below freezing. But it’s rideable, and it does hover, so just be sure to complete several leg days at the gym before boarding one.

Light Cycle: TRON

Modeled after the CGI Light Cycle in TRON: Legacy is an all-electric motorcycle built by Parker Bros., Choppers and assembled completely by hand. Complete with electric blue lights contouring the vehicle’s sleek curves, the Light Cycle is as quiet as a whisper, but can hit up to a rambunctious 120 mph.

For those interested in giving the TRON Light Bike a spin, be sure to be up to date on state laws and safe driving practices in different states like Florida, for instance, where more motorcycles are expected to be on the road and where there is no universal helmet law in place.

Self-Operating Cars: Minority Report

Since 1976, when driverless pods chauffeured citizens around in Logan’s Run, and similar vehicles were introduced in Judge Dredd and Total Recall, driverless cars have been heralded as a must-have product of the future. In fact, they are one of the most recent products of advanced technology. Car manufacturers, particularly Ford and Audi, already have prototypes in working order and beta testing.

Even Google has branched into the driverless car arena with an autonomous car. Despite the tech giant’s advancements, the Google prototype has been involved in nearly a dozen accidents in 11 years. Though this raises some concern regarding the safety of self-operating transport, Google reps say their prototype was never at fault. And really, 11 accidents in six years? Not a bad record, considering more than 1 million people are arrested for drunk driving annually in the U.S.

These sci-fi vehicles may be far from perfect and perhaps a little outside the financial range of the average Philip J. Fry. But with innovations like these cresting the horizon, who knows what the future holds?

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