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Product Review – EyeZen by Foster Grant

Got Eye Fatigue?  Try EyeZen

I’m not one for product endorsement.  You can ask me whether I like a product and most of the time you’ll get a simple yes or no.  And personal fashion has never been my forte nor have I ever been actively conscience about it.  So when Word of the Nerd was asked to try out and review a pair of Foster Grant® EyeZen™ I wasn’t even absolutely sure they would make enough of a difference to give me anything to write about.  Well I can happily say that I was wrong.

Foster Grant’s EyeZen are non-prescription glasses (with prescription options available) designed specifically to help fight the effects of digital eye strain and other associated issues like neck pain, dry eyes and eye fatigue.  With ninety percent of my day spent in front of a computer or digital screen of some kind, EyeZen seemed like just the thing I could use.  They also provide a bit of magnification to help keep things more in focus.  That would also prove to be helpful and drew me into wanting to write a review.

EyeZen ReviewSo after using the EyeZen for quite a while, way past the time that this review was due and even loaning them out to some friends, I have come to this conclusion.  Foster Grant is on the right track with the EyeZen and I think for some they are going to be quite useful.  For me and the others that also tried them, they weren’t one hundred percent effective.  Naturally, this type of product isn’t made or useful for everyone.  People have different eyes with different strengths and weaknesses.  You cannot cater to everyone with eyeglasses and taking that into consideration it would be hard to recommend the EyeZen to everyone.

The common complaint from the people who helped me try the EyeZen out was that the magnification wasn’t quite strong enough and made the glasses difficult to wear for long periods of time.  The length of time that most wearers of the EyeZen would be a typical eight to ten-hour day, for me it is quite a bit longer.  The magnification just wasn’t enough for me (and others) and most had to take them off after a half hour or so.  I was careful to pick a nice albeit limited cross-section of my friends who I thought would find the EyeZen helpful.  Some didn’t wear glasses of any type and some made use of “readers”.  I tried to avoid people with vision problems that required contacts or who wore glasses all of the time.  If you are someone to wears glasses day-to-day the EyeZen glasses aren’t meant for you.

EyeZen ReviewThat is not to say that the EyeZen are not useful at all.  One common feature everyone noted was how well the EyeZen helped with blocking glare from the screens and even the harsh fluorescent lighting of an office environment.  Passing them around a cube farm for a large bunch of computer users I feel was a brilliant idea on my part.  But I did find out something I did not expect and probably should have considered in the beginning.  The older users found them less helpful than most of the younger people I asked to try them.  Perhaps us older folks have already ruined our vision through the years of working in front of a computer screen.  Younger users found the EyeZen a lot more helpful with the glare and most were helped by the magnification they provide.

The major factor that led me personally to want to try the EyeZen was the selection of styles provided.  I have more of a “hipster” sense of style and I was able to find a pair of EyeZen that I found aesthetically pleasing.  Most of the people I asked to try my particular pair commented how much they liked my choice, so for a brief time I was the cool kid and everyone envied due to my style choices.

EyeZen ReviewTo learn more about the EyeZen, you can take a trip to their website and find out which pair would be right for you, along with a list of providers who can help you get fitted.  Although the EyeZen weren’t all that helpful for me, I can truly see the benefit to others.  So if you suffer from eye strain, eye fatigue, neck pain, dry eyes or brainstrain then I urge you to check out their website to see if they would be right for you.  You can even add the EyeZen protection to your prescription lens and get the added benefit of their protective blue light filter.

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