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Afterlife with Archie
Afterlife with Archie


  Welcome once again to Halloween Comics where we share some favorite comic books to get you ready for Halloween! In last week’s post, we gave you some great HellBoy selections, but now we are going to move over into another universe entirely! We are going to venture into the quaint , suburban Archie universe. Those who are familiar with the regular Archie comics are in for a shock and those that have never read an Archie book before don’t worry this is a book that will literally have you wanting simultaneously to turn the page and maybe just put the book down and take a psychological break form the horror. Get ready for an intense read we are going un-dead with this pick!

(Don’t be Scared to Read–this is Spoiler Free!)

Enter The Afterlife: 

Afterlife with Archie #1

    Afterlife With Archie Volume 1: Escape from Riverdale collects issues 1-5 of the ongoing Afterlife with Archie series (written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, art by Francesco Francavilla, published by Archie Comics) is a zombie tale that takes cues from the likes of The Walking Dead and makes the focus more on the characters than the actual zombies. That is not to say we do not get a fare share of zombie action and gore. The book starts hard and fast with Jughead wanting help from the local witch Sabrina (every town has one). His dog has been hit by a car and has died. Sabrina goes against her aunts wishes and grabs the Necronomicon to bring Jughead’s lovable dog back to life. If you have seen or read Stephen King’s Pet Sematary, you know that this will not go well. Soon our quaint little town of Riverdale is overrun by zombies and it is up to Archie and the other teens that are alive (or un-dead) to band together and try to survive! 

This read is great for both Archie fans and newcomers alike because you do not have to be familiar with the Archie characters to enjoy this story. (If you’re new to Archie and you want quick character bios, click here).

This book has quickly became a Halloween favorite of mine, it is like a great movie that you watch over and over again. Each time I re-read it, I find something new or something I had previously missed and the scenes are still as shocking and gut wrenching as the first time.

Roberto Aquirre-Sacasa does a great job in the writing department and the script; he is fantastic at letting you know all the characters and their relationships without having to be familiar with them from other Archie books. While the overall experience might be more enjoyable if you know more about the Archie universe, Roberto writes it perfectly so you can go into this book cold turkey and not be lost at all. Francesco Francavilla  on art duties is the perfect fit for this book, he has a great pulp style that fit’s nicely in this universe. This is definitely very dark book and is not for children, there are two scenes in particular in this collection that will have you crying and looking away. Francacilla’s art really shines with his color selection  with a lot of black and different tones/shades of blues, purples, red, orange and yellow’s. He brings an atmosphere to this book that is like your favorite old horror movie mashed with modern horror violence. A great technique he uses is having the same colors but being a little brighter in flashback scenes and then going back to the dark moodiness when we are thrust back into the horror of the current time. You can judge Afterlife with Archie by the cover because what you see is what you get and what you get is a scary good time!

A Great Halloween Read:

   I can confidently say that if you are a horror genre fan then you will absolutely love Afterlife with Archie. It has everything you could want to get ready for Halloween. Roberto Aquirre-Sacasa does a great job with characterization and making you care for these people while providing an edge of your seat story and Francesco Francavilla on art will have your eyes feast on horror leaping off the pages. Keep the lights dim and the house silent because with this book you are in for a real fright of a night.


Check back next week for our next installment in our Halloween Comics countdown. Have you discovered any comics recently that get you in the mood for Halloween? What do you think of Archie and zombies coming together? Share with us your favorite Halloween comics that you think we should read in the comments below. 

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