Mockingbird Writer Leaves Twitter Due To Bullying

Mockingbird #8 cover

Mockingbird Cover Causes Bullying Behavior

Last week, the final issue of Mockingbird hit stores with a somewhat controversial cover. The cover depicts the title character wearing a shirt that reads “Ask Me About My Feminist Agenda.” A firestorm of angry tweets and bullying remarks erupted across the Internet from fans who felt series writer Chelsea Cain was pushing an “agenda”. One tweet read “Thanks, @chelseacain for ruining my favorite character with your feminist crap.” Cain tried to take it all in stride, but eventually posted ““I’m amazed at the cruelty comics brings out in people,” and quit the social networking site Twitter after being subject to the deluge.

Before Cain departed, she noted that after years of writing thrillers, she never got the kind of response she did for her comics. Numerous creative talent started the hashtag #IStandWithChelseaCain in response. Many people responded positively to the hashtag, though some did use it to deride Cain.

Mockingbird #8 cover

Cain Makes Statement On Culture Of Bullying

On her blog, Cain wrote ““I think the larger cultural story is important. People are trolled. People are ruined. And trolls get away with it, because they can take down anyone, if their ire is raised. There is still a vocal segment of the comic book readership that is dominated by sexist jerks with Twitter accounts. Twitter is still a highly flawed platform that nurtures a culture of bullying.”

While Mockingbird was low selling, the series by Cain and artist Kate Niemczyk was critically acclaimed for its portrayal of Bobbi Morse and how she viewed the Marvel Universe. In many ways, Cain just got the last laugh. As this controversy begins a new discussion on the toxic nature of fandom. The first volume of the Mockingbird series has just become the number one best selling graphic novel on Amazon. In light of the controversy, Marvel is prepping volume 2 to print.

Its subtitle: My Feminist Agenda.

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