For Honor Is Actually Capitalizing On A Trend


For Honor, an upcoming action title from Ubisoft is on just about every list of exciting games coming out in 2017. It looks quite different than the average major video game coming out these days. The title is designed as a hack-and-slash adventure that employs advanced combat concepts and warriors and settings from throughout human history.


We revealed some of the details of the game back in August. That was when Ubisoft released the full roster of 12 playable heroes (four each in the categories of Knight, Viking, and Samurai), as well as some information about game modes and hero features. By the sound of things, this is going to be a rich and detailed fighting experience.

But it might be a bit less “new” than it seems. As a history-blending hack-and-slash for high-end consoles, it’s certainly original. But the idea of mixing and matching warriors from different backgrounds has become quite popular on various gaming platforms in recent years. Consider just a few examples.


For Honor box coverGods Of Rome (On Mobile)

Gods Of Rome has become one of the more impressive fighting games available on mobile platforms. The app page from Gameloft describes it as an experience that will “show you exactly what your mobile device is capable of.” In terms of gameplay, it’s cut from the same cloth as games like Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter or Injustice: Gods Among Us and Marvel Contest Of Champions. However, content is very much focused on delivering the same sort of blend of heroes and warriors that we might be seeing in For Honor. Initially built with famous characters from Greek mythology, Gods Of Rome has since been expanded to include other legendary characters as well. Rest assured, half the fun is pitting these characters from different historical backgrounds against each other.

Warlords – Crystals Of Power (Online)

Warlords might not be as visible to the average gamer, but for those who enjoy online casino play, it’s emerged as a pretty unique option. Described at Lottoland’s games page as a video slot offering samurai, priestess, or barbarian options, as well as simply symbols and background images of ancient warfare, it almost looks like a slot version of For Honor. This is not a combat game, so it’s not quite in the same genre as some of the other titles discussed here, but once again it’s a popular game in which the main thrill is seeing different eras of warriors and fantasy characters up against one another.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite (Consoles)

Marvel vs Capcon: InfiniteThis game hasn’t come out yet, but it has recently begun to generate headlines as the latest Capcom crossover. It’s not about historical warriors, but the idea of fighters from different backgrounds is still alive and well here. For instance, the gameplay trailer shows Ryu and Mega Man X taking on Iron Man and Captain Marvel. Kotaku’s write-up describes this as a game that looks to be moving more in the Street Fighter direction than some of its related predecessors, so we can probably expect a straightforward fighting game with plenty of fun characters.

None of this is to say that For Honor is directly borrowing from any of these ideas. But as much as it looks like a wholly new console experience, it’s drawing on a fairly well-worn concept. Plucking fighters out of their stories and histories to face off together or against each other is a ton of fun.

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