5 Carrie Fisher Roles We Shouldn’t Forget and the Fate of Star Wars

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Yesterday morning, the world received some devastating news. Many people’s childhood hero (or crush), Carrie Fisher, had passed away. After suffering a heart attack a few days prior, she was taken to the hospital and tragically was killed by the heart attack. The Star Wars, Cinema, and even just the world in general is horribly devastated and we will all miss her dearly. May the Force be with us all, and especially with Carrie’s family.

Five Carrie Fisher Roles We Shouldn’t Forget

Of course we will always remember Carrie Fisher as the beautiful and badass Princess Leia, but Fisher has also done some incredible roles in her career. Here are five Carrie Fisher roles we shouldn’t forget.

Carrie Fisher MoviesCarrie Fisher Movies

1. Mystery Woman from The Blues Brothers

Remember?! The machine gun totin’ badass?! When Belushi and Aykroyd are in the sewers and Fisher is just hurling insults with pure ferocity? 

2. The Nun from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Right after Jay and Silent Bob are kicked out of the semi-truck, they get picked up by none other than Carrie Fisher! And Jay miscommunicates the bible for his book and attempts to “do it.” Pure hilarity.

3. Carol Peterson in The Burbs

Tom Hanks is obviously the highlight and most potent aspect of The Burbs, but Fisher as his mother depicts some witty and fun one liners throughout the film.

4. Janie in Drop Dead Fred

Drop Dead Fred obviously has a lot of funny and quirky aspects. And so Carrie Fisher appearing in to sprinkle even more comedy and quirky is astonishing.

5. The Doctor in Fanboys

Not necessarily a huge hit in her career, but more of a personal favorite. She’s appears as the doctor in a movie centered around star wars, and gets told by one of the films main characters “You’re our only hope.” and then concluding her scene with the classic “I love you.” “I know.” Funny, and nostalgic.


What Does This Mean for the Star Wars Franchise?

According to the producers of Star Wars: Episode VIII, the film finished shooting in July and is currently in post production. And it is said that Fisher had finished shooting all of her scenes, so the series will not have to address her death until Episode VIIII begins shooting in 2018. She reportedly was meant, and had all intentions of being involved in Episode VIIII. So we all will receive a beautifully conjoined moment of crying when we see Fisher on screen in December 2018.

We all miss you dearly Carrie, and prayers and love to her family. May the force be with us all.

“I love you.”

“I know.”

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