Comic Review: Bob: Non-Union Psychic #1

  • Writers : Lance Lucero, Adam Volle
  • Artist: Francisco Resendez
  • Letterrer: Kurt Hathaway
  • Publisher: Warehouse 9 Productions
  • Release Date: December 2, 2016

Bob: Non-Union Psychic #1 Synopsis:

(Spoiler Free)

In Bob: Non-Union Psychic #1 we meet our ever lovable hairstylist Bob Holbreck (who also happens to be Psychic with the ability to talk and see dead people). It seems that Bob was not accepted into the “Psychic Union” for some reason despite his extraordinary abilities, but he does have his own Barbershop left to him by his dead Grandfather. Bob is not going to let not being excepted into Psychic Unions club keep him down, with the help of some friends and the ghost of his deceased grandpa they still have mysteries to solve and hair to cut. Bob’s pair of lucky gold scissors are not all what they seem and the past is coming back to haunt them. Can Bob turn his luck around and combine his Psychic ability with his master of hair styling to save the day?

     Bob: Non-Union Psychic is a fun little romp that is not like any other comic on the shelves. In all disclosure, I was contacted by the publisher and given an advanced review copy of this book. Having no previous reading knowledge of this character I was thrown into the mix right away (there is a #0 issue available that probably gives more background information). This can be a little jarring and off putting at first but the writing team of Lance Lucero and Adam Volle do a great job of catching the reader up to speed and giving us enough insight to not be lost. Now saying that I was a little lost for the first few pages but we are given enough information to sort it all out. The writing team does a fantastic job of making a really fun comic book. It has some great action and humor with a plot that sets it apart from all the other comics out today. Bob is a great character and someone that you want to root for!


    Francisco Resendez on art duties sets the tone for the book with his more animated styling. He has a fantastic real life/cartoonish aspect to his characters that fits the vibe of this book perfectly and makes it delightful to look at. The colors a vibrant and bold at some parts while toned downed and mellow for other scenes and it really helps the flow of the book. The creative team has also done some really good panel layouts and structure that help speed the book up for action scenes and slow it down for more dramatic scenes. I would like to see a little more detail in characters with expressions and I am always a stickler for background detail which in some scenes  it is fantastic and really builds the scene and world, but in others the background detail is missing completely which brings it down. The art fits the book great for its tone and really brings the story to life making it a fun read.


    Overall Bob: Non-Union Psychic #1 is a delightfully fun read. It has a great concept and you can tell the creative team is having fun making this book. If you are looking for something a little bit different in a comic then maybe a psychic barber who solves ancient mysteries with his dead grandpa is right up your alley! 

About the author

Brent Jackson

Brent is happily married and an avid comic book consumer who loves nothing more than the smell of comics in the morning and diving through a long box of back issues. By day he is a nutritionist and has also been training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for over 10 years. He is probably not the coolest person you have ever met. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @brentjackson30