Comic Review: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #9


  • Writer: Kyle Higgins (Main), Steve Orlando (Backup)
  • Artist: Hendry Prasetya (Main), Corin Howell (Backup)
  • Colors: Matt Herms (Main), Jeremy Lawson (Backup)
  • Leterrer: Ed Dukeshire (Main), Jim Campbell (Backup)
  • Publisher: BOOM! Studios
  • Release Date: November 30, 2016

(Spoiler Free)


        After issue #8 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (MMPR), Tommy finds that since his powers come from a different source than the other Rangers that he can share his Green Ranger powers so that Jason, Zach, Trini and Kimberly can access the Morphin grid and transform. One catch though, since they are using Tommy’s Green Ranger power source, they are all Green Rangers now (cue every kids head who grew up in the 90’s head exploding). With access to their Ranger powers they are able to take back control of their respective Dino Zords and try to stop Rita’s plan of taking over the Earth with them. Only problem is Billy is still trapped in the dark dimension with Goldar, so the triceratops zord is still under Rita’s and the Black Dragons control! Can Billy use his smarts to escape the dark dimension and how are the Rangers going to defeat the Black Dragon who or whatever it might be.

        This is another fun issue of MMPR and any issue that feature Billy the Blue Ranger prominently is going to get my vote of approval. This issue also features each individual zord acting and fighting independently which I always loved as a kid when they rarely did it on the show. Kyle Higgins continues to do some fun stuff in the MMPR world and is building it into his own thing. He is taking the rangers in a completely different direction and it has really given this book staying power. This might also be the first time that I am actually interested to see what happens in the back up with the Ongoing Adventures of Bulk and Skull! Steve Orlando does a great job with a few pages of catching the characters voices and bringing a funny and interesting story which is what a back up needs to be.


   Hendry Prasetya does a great job of catching the zords in action. His style really lends itself to these big machines fighting through the city and smashing things up, I would really like to see him on a Godzilla or some other Kaiju comic in the future! His character work is most of the time good, the faces can be a little off when characters are in the back ground or the scene is far away. I know you can’t fit much into a face when it is a far away shot but the character still needs to be recognizable. Colors are still good and dynamic and fit the story and art well. The backup art is good, Corin Howell’s cartoony style fits very well for what they are going for and it’s a nice change of pace from the main book.


    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers continues to be a great read that goes beyond what the original show ever was. I enjoy where the story line is going and how it is breaking away from the tv show. I would like a little more downtime with the characters so they could be fleshed out more, but with so few pages and a back up story thrown in a can see where this is hard to do. MMPR is a fun book that will draw readers in just for nostalgia purposes but the story and art will keep them coming back because its an all around good comic book.

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