Harleen Quinzel Teaser Trailer – Exclusive


Word of the Nerd is proud to announce and premiere this exclusive teaser trailer for the upcoming fan film Harleen Quinzel by TGF Media Productions.


The film, written by Ronald Rossmann & Ronn Garris delivers a long overdue and unique origin story to the fan favorite DC Comics character Harley Quinn.  Since her first appearance, little is known about Harley’s past and how her volatile relationship with Joker began.  Other big names of the DC universe are featured including Batman, Poison Ivy, Dr. Jeremiah Arkham, Commissioner James Gordon and of course Joker.

Harleen Quinzel will begin official production early 2017, directed by Ronn Garris and stars Lauren Roden, Jonathon Thompson, Megan Rogers, James Hurley, Madison Smith, James Sealy, Chuck Kress, Tanner Garris Lauren Spano and Ronald Rossmann as Batman.

You can find out more about the film and contribute to their Indiegogo by clicking on the links below.




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