TV Review – The Librarians S03E09: “And the Fatal Separation”

The Librarians
The Librarians

Last week on The Librarians, Cassandra (Lindy Booth) delayed the inevitable, Jenkins (John Larroquette) turned down a date while Flynn (Noah Wyle) and Eve (Rebecca Romijn) went on one, and Ezekiel (John Harlan Kim) and Stone (Christian Kane) fended off vampires. There are only two episodes left in this season! What does Apep have planned for our heroes? Will Eve find out Flynn’s fatal secret before the eleventh hour? Find out on this week’s episode of The Librarians.

This Week on The Librarians:

There’s a previously on about Charlene and Apep. The episode opens as a collector acquires a map to the lost city of Shangri-La. After the title credits, Stone trains with the Monkey King (who lives in Shangri-La). He’s apparently been training for about two months. Stone doesn’t want to use magical techniques, so he’s done training. Jenkins shows Flynn the Room of Memory, revealing that Charlene must still be alive, since her candle is lit. Flynn’s candle doesn’t have very far to go, it seems. Back in Shangri-La, Stone and the Monkey King are attacked by ninjas, sent by the collector from the top of the episode. Stone tries to defend the Monkey King’s staff (called the Staff of Shangri-La) but the ninjas drug him and send him down a waterfall, leaving the collector triumphant.

The Librarians Ep 309 - "And the Fatal Separation" ph: Scott Patrick Green 7/29/16In the Library, Cassandra is overwhelemed by the new aspects to her gift. Eve tells her that she’ll be able to get a handle on it, after all she did before. Stone splashes through the door, insists they have to go back and save Shangri-La and his mentor. Flynn recognizes the collector as Sterling Lamb, and  says that they have to be smart about re-taking the staff (and therefore Shangri-La) and “take a page out of the Odyssey.” Therefore, Ezekiel and Cassandra go undercover to Shangri-La as land pirates, selling an artifact and the other three get in with a Trojan horse play (which is technically “taking a page” out of the Aeneid, but details, details). Unfortunately for Ezekiel, Lamb knows his voice, so Cassandra makes up a story implying his jaw is sealed shut. Eve, Flynn, and Stone sneak up on the staff but the ninjas drug them with blowdarts. It seems the Monkey King has been hypnotized to be on Lamb’s side

Flynn and Stone wake up in a closet together, and Eve is not with them (which is concerning, since we’ve been hearing all season that Guardians are more powerful than Librarians). Flynn MacGyvers an explosion to free himself and Stone. The pair then find Lamb’s collection and Charlene.

It turns out that Charlene was hiding in Lamb’s collection on purpose, trying to stay out of Apep’s clutches. Now that Flynn’s found her, she needs to sever her connection to the Library. Ezekiel and Cassandra follow Eve’s kidnappers. Flynn, Stone, and Charlene plan to . Eve confronts her captors, doing a “Sherlock scan” on them, when her old mentor comes up behind them. It turns out that General Cynthia Rockwell (Vanessa Williams), the head of DoSA is Eve’s old mentor, and gave Lamb the map to Shangri-La. General Rockwell claims that Eve is a sleeper agent in the Library.

Unsurprisingly, Eve is resistant to the idea that she’s a sleeper agent. General Rockwell claims that Eve can give the government the Library, and believes that she should. She then tries to gaslight and guilt Eve into making sure she’s on their side. Cassandra distracts a guard while Ezekiel retrieves Eve. The Monkey King (who’s been hypnotized with a murder harp) blows blowdarts at Charlene, Stone, and Flynn but Stone catches them before they knock anyone else out. Flynn and Charlene run to the throne room to grab the staff, but Sterling Lamb is waiting for them with his band of ninja mercenaries.  

Flynn gets surrounded by ninjas while Charlene goes to find something. Stone fights the Monkey King, trying to bring him back to his normal self. Stone gets to the point where he could kill his mentor, but refuses. Flynn almost gets Lamb’s minions to turn on him, but Charlene sets the animate things in Lamb’s collection on him, allowing Flynn to get the staff and throw it to Stone. Stone gives the staff to the Monkey King, who recovers. The staff gives Stone some sort of magic (which he hates). Back at the Library, Charlene insists that Jenkins untie her from the Library, which will essentially kill her. Jenkins tells her that he’s been in love with her (she’s who he told Cassandra about last episode), but she implies she’s in love with Judson and therefore cannot love Jenkins back. Thankfully, Jenkins accepts this. Charlene says goodbye to everyone, and whispers something that startles Eve into her ear. Flynn doesn’t want Charlene to leave this mortal plane, but he also accepts that she has to go. Jenkins performs the ritual and Charlene flows into the mirror.

Later, Eve goes to the Room of Memory and eerily watches as Charlene’s candle goes out.

The Librarians - 309 - And the Fatal Seperation

Thoughts on the episode:

I have mixed feelings about this episode. Some seemingly important points (Stone training with the Monkey King, Charlene’s ritual and stuff with Jenkins) didn’t feel properly seeded, and wasn’t particularly moving. That leaves me unsatisfied, and not in a good way, in the leadup to the season finale. On the other hand, General Rockwell’s plan is absolutely brilliant and evil, even though I don’t think it worked on Eve  (though the show wants us to think it did). I think Charlene probably reminded Eve why she’s the Guardian/renewed her faith in the Library. Maybe she even told Eve to hang out creepily in the Room of Memory. I don’t think that Eve is evil now, alliteration aside. 

Next week on The Librarians, DoSA holds a hostile takeover of the Library and bad ideas are suggested.


  • TNT is going to re-air season three of The Librarians starting at 7am on Monday 16 January 2016.
  • The big death of the season is going to happen next episode (since I’m pretty sure Charlene’s ritual doesn’t count based on the promo), and the show wants us to think it’s going to be Flynn. I’m not sure it’s going to be Flynn, simply because the show is telegraphing it so much. 


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