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Awesome Games Done Quick(AGDQ) starts this coming Sunday! The winter counterpart to Summer Games Don Quick(SGDQ) will be running 24 hours a day from January 8th through January 15th. The Games Done Quick community will be speedrunning video games to raise money for charity. There will be over 100 video games shown off throughout the week, as well as some very interesting and game breaking glitches.

AGDQ – What Do You Need To Know?

AGDQ will be live on the GDQ Twitch channel, 24 hours a day, for the entire week. All of the video games played will have all kinds of special challenges and incentives thrown in to keep things interesting. All proceeds go directly to The Prevent Cancer Foundation. The Prevent Cancer Foundation works to make things like prevention knowledge and early detection of cancer available where medical facilities may not be able to provide these services. Past GDQ events have continuously raised over one million dollars, with the amount growing each year.

Kaizo Mario from AGDQ2015

What Should You Expect?

If this is your first time watching a GDQ, get ready to see some video games played like you have never seen before. All of the games can be found on this schedule along with the special incentives, challenges and the estimated times for setup, game start and game completion. If some of the run times seem pretty fast, remember that this is a speedrunning event. Here are a few terms you should know:

Speedrun – Playing a game with the intent of completing a goal as fast as possible.

Any% Run – A run with no additional completion requirements so anything goes.

100% Run – A run with a completion requirement of collecting 100% of the items.

Damage Boosting – Intentionally getting hit in order to gain extra speed/height or to pass through enemies/obstacles quickly.

Frame – The time it takes for the game to update the screen and poll input, typically 1/60th or 1/30th of a second, but can vary.

Frame Perfect – A technique in a game that you only have a 1 frame window to successfully pull off.

Glitch – Unintentional mistake in the game’s code.

Random Number Generator(RNG) – The function in the game’s code responsible for creating random events.

Sequence Breaking – Doing something out of order in the intended sequence of events of a game.

Tool Assisted Speedrun(TAS) – An input file created to play back what an optimal speedrun would look like in an emulator.

4-way Mario Kart race from AGDQ2016

How Can You Help?

At any point during the event, you can visit Games Done Quick to make a donation. You can donate anything from $1 up. But to keep things interesting, your donations can help decide how the marathon goes. Some extra games and challenges may be added to the schedule if donation goals are met. For example, the may be a donation challenge for Blindfolded to be added to Tetris for the amount of $1000. If that $1000 is met before the run starts, the runner will be blindfolded while playing the game. Another popular incentive is naming game files or characters in certain games. There are also prizes raffled throughout the week for people who make donations. Any time you make a donation, you can put your money towards any of these options.

Recommended Runs To Watch

If you still aren’t sure about this whole speedrunning thing, try to find a couple of your favorite games on the schedule. If you cannot find any games that really catch your attention, here a few recommendations that should have you hooked. (Note: All times below are EST. The official schedule automatically lists the time in your time zone and changes as needed.)

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D – Sunday, January 8 at 1:10PM (All Dungeons in 2hr)

Pokemon Emerald – Monday January 9 at 6:54PM (Any% Glitchless in 3hr)

Super Mario Bros./Super Mario Bros. Lost Levels – Tuesday January 10 at 8:47PM/9:32PM (Warpless Race in 35min/Any% 8-4 Race in 12min)

Halo 2 – Wednesday January 11 at 9:23PM (Legendary Difficulty in 1hr50min)

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door – Thursday January 12 at 10:04PM (Any% Race in 3hr30min)

Donkey Kong Country trilogy – Friday January 13 at 9:26PM (Relay Race in 2hr31min)

Super Metroid  – Saturday January 14 at 9:48PM (100% Race in 1hr20min)

Main Event: Undertale – Saturday July 14 at 11:18PM (True Pacifist Ending in 1hr45min)

Will you be watching AGDQ? What speedruns are you interested? Let us know in the comments below!

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