Batman And The Shadow To Team Up In April

Batman The Shadow FI

Batman And The Shadow: Together At Last!

Batman might owe a great deal to his pulp predecessors, but especially The Shadow. The playboy alter ego, the use of shadows (duh), the use of fear tactics…Bob Kane and Bill Finger cribbed those traits when creating their Dark Knight. In the interceding years, the Shadow has become forgotten as Batman’s star had a meteoric rise. Even the 1990s Shadow film had a heavy influence from Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman film. While Batman and The Shadow have crossed paths before, it has been in period pieces when DC had the rights to The Shadow.

Now, DC Comic is teaming up with Dynamite Comics to team up these dark avengers for a miniseries starting this April. Batman/The Shadow will be written by Scott Snyder (Batman, All Star Batman) and Steve Orlando (Midnighter, the upcoming Justice League of America) with art by Riley Rossmo (Constantine: The Hellblazer). According to the press release in PreviewsWorld, “In the six issue miniseries, murder has come to Gotham. Gotham’s protector, Batman, discovers a trail of evidence that leads to a suspect by the name of Lamont Cranston. The only problem is—Cranston has been dead for over fifty years! As Batman attempts to unravel the enigma surrounding Cranston’s life, the mysterious Shadow will do everything in his power to stop him from learning too much.”

Batman/The Shadow artWho Knows What Evil Lurks In The Heart Of Men?

In the press release, Orlando stated “To bring together the World’s Greatest Detective and the World’s Greatest Mystery is an honor. BATMAN/THE SHADOW will pay tribute to legacies in comics and pulp fiction, as the two characters meet in a generations-deep conflict unlike any they’ve seen before, with a case that stretches back to the origins of time, and will redefine murder.” DC Senior Vice President of Editorial Strategy & Administration Hank Kanalz added “Scott Snyder, Steve Orlando and Riley Rossmo bring their unbelievable level of talent to this series that pays tribute to these characters and their incredible legacies.” 

Even Dynamite’s CEO Nick Barrucci. can’t hold back his excitement.  “Both DC and Dynamite publish the most iconic characters in comics today, and few are as recognizable as The Shadow and Batman. In speaking with DC about potential ventures, we both recognized that Batman and The Shadow had one of the most beloved meetings in comics, yet while brief, have remained fan favorites for many years. The time was right for the hero who recognizes that ‘villains are a superstitious, cowardly lot’ to again meet the man ‘who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men.’ We’re extremely fortunate to be launching this series with one of my favorite writers in the industry today, Scott Snyder, and one of the hottest up-and-coming writers in the industry, Steve Orlando. The art from Riley Rossmo complements the story so well. Working hand in hand with DC and Condé Nast, the creative team placed together is incredible and I can’t express how excited I am for fans to see this touchstone series.”

You can see more of the exclusive artwork at The Hollywood Reporter.

The Caped Crusader and his pulp novel antecedent begin their six part adventure in April.  Is Lamont Cranston truly dead? Who is this Shadow? What is the great mystery at the heart of these murders? Only the Shadow knows…and soon, both Batman and the reader will know too.

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