Comic Review -The Few #1

The Few #1
  • Written By: Sean Lewis
  • Artist: Hayden Sherman
  • Publisher: Image Comics
  • Release Date: January 18, 2017

(Spoiler Free)


The Few is the new limited Maxi-series from Image comics written by Sean Lewis and art by Hayden Sherman. We follow a young woman Edan Hale as she tries to survive a now Dystopian future America. The Palace controls much of America with an iron fist. They control some states while others are left to defend for themselves, clean drinking water is a valuable resource and survival is a struggle. Some states have still survived from The Palace’s rule, with militia’s banding together and cults gathering members. They are some standouts and survivors, but they are “few”. (Find out a lot more about The Few in our interview with the creators here.)

Sean Lewis does an excellent job with the first issue of The Few. We get dropped off into this bleak/ war torn type future without much explanation to what is going on. It’s a device often used in different forms of media, but it takes an excellent writer to really pull it off and Sean Lewis does a great job at this. Along with Sherman’s art we are given enough information to piece together what has happened and what is going on in this world. Lewis really brings great intrigue to the characters that are introduced and builds on a very stylistic world in a few pages. The only problem dropping the reader into this world is that there is still some confusion on just exactly what is happening, but we trust the writer to bring us along as the story unfolds in new issues.


Hayden Sherman’s art styling really sets the scene for The Few #1. He has a minimalist, gritty, rough art style really sets the tone of the Dystopian/ war torn America of The Few. With his use of white and toned out grays, blacks, browns etc… you really get the feeling of this distraught future brought to life. It also makes the splashes of red and brighter colors that more mesmerizing when they show up. Some of the action scenes can be a little bit confusing as to what exactly is going on due to his styling, but that is a minor complaint. The panel layouts and structure really have a “cinematic” feel to them, making the reader speed up and slow down with the story. While the art style can be muddled at times, it really sets this bleak tone from the moment you open the book and really nails the theme and tone of The Few.

The Few #1 Conclusion:  

The Few #1 is a fantastic first issue that sets up a new world and characters wonderfully all in one issue. The cliffhanger ending is perfect for this series and something that will have the reader coming back. Sherman’s scratchy pencil styling and dark muted colors really set the tone and mood for the series. While Lewis plots an intriguing story that will have readers on their toes for the next few issues. While The Few does seem from a first glance a “basic” dystopian American future story, Lewis and Sherman prove that they have some tricks up their sleeves and that you need to pay attention to this series. 

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