Comic Review: God Country #1

God Country #1 cover
God Country #1 cover
  • Writer: Donny Cates
  • Artist: Geoff Shaw
  • Color Artist: Jason Wordie
  • Letterer & Desgin: John J. Hill
  • Publisher: Image Comics
  • Release Date: January 11, 2016

(Spoiler Free)

God Country #1 Synopsis:

      “A Long Time Ago, Out in West Texas, there was a storm”, kicks off the story of God Country #1. Roy and his family have recently moved back to West Texas to take care of his widowed father who is suffering from the effects of Alzheimer’s/dementia. With his father Emmett wandering out of the house, being picked up by the sheriff and lashing out at his family (including his granddaughter). Roy’s wife is fed up, he is faced with a decision on how to take care of his ailing parent. All along a giant storm is coming toward the town and bringing something much more sinister with it. Emmet comes the battle the storm with a magical sword and his Alzheimer’s/dementia fades and his memory returns for a short while with its power. The story begins, but how long can Quinlan family hold it together after this revelation?

      Donny Cates has a fantastic story in the mix with this series. Framing it as some one in the future telling the story really sets the mood and makes it feel like an old west tale even though it is set in current times. Cates does a great job of mixing real world problems with a fantasy, but Cates does not let that twist take away from the problems the Quinlan family is facing.

God Country #1
(CA) Gerardo Zaffino


  Geoff Shaw does some beautiful art work on God Country #1. The first full page with the rabbits sitting in the brush is a great piece of art and along with the opening scenes sets up the tone of the story. Shaw does great work on characters eyes and the transformation in Emmet’s eyes from when he has the sword and remembers and when he does not is superbly well done in telling about his character and how the Alzheimer’s/dementia has affected him. Jason Wordie on colors enhances the art to having a painting like feel to it in some pages. Wordie uses darker tones for most of the issue, but then uses brighter colors for some great dramatic affect. 


    God Country #1 is a fantastic first issue, the creative team puts together a fantastic story with a great hook to it. Personally, I really like that it’s tackling the issue of Alzheimer’s/dementia and the strain it not only places on the person afflicted with that disease but also the strain it puts on their family members as well. It’s something you do not see talked about very often and rarely in the comic book medium and it’s good to have stories like this out there that shine some light on it. The set up of the issue being told as a story passed down from generations is great and give it a feel of an old west folk tale that makes the book that more enjoyable. 

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