Comic Book Review – Red Dog #2

  • Created & Written by: Rob Cohen
  • Adapted by: Andi Ewington
  • Penciled By: Rob Atkins
  • Inkers: Brian Shearer, Ernest Jocson and Marc Peruggia
  • Colors: John Rauch
  • Letterer: Taylor Esposito of Ghostly Glyph Studios  
  • Publisher: 451
  • Release Date: January 11, 2017


Red Dog #1



Red Dog #2 Cover by W. Scott Forbes
Red Dog #2 Cover by W. Scott Forbes

In the previous issue (Red Dog #1) we are introduced to young teenager Kyle who lives on the planet Kirawan or as he affectionately calls it “the worst place ever”.  Kirawan is basically an uninhabitable planet. Its atmosphere cannot support human life, so the 196 people that live there live in a “bio-dome” so they can live and work. The only reason humans came to Kirawan is the most valuable element ever Imperium is found on this planet. Imperium allows for time/space travel to be an actual reality! Kirawan is also inhabited by “natives” (giant bug people) and is apparently the perfect planet to grow wheat on and that is basically all it has going for it. The “natives” have not taken kindly to humans invading their home and attack the settlement often. Kyle is the only kid ever born on Kirawan and has had to grow up quick, but it is not all bad his uncle built him a robot dog with a quantam computer in him that he named “Q”, so he at least has one friend. Kyle and “Q” are best buddies, but at the end of issue #1 they find them selves in a little bit of trouble and under attack form the “natives”. 

Red Dog is a fun Sci-fi story with a “Boy and His dog” twist in it. It has a very “innocent” feel to it. The best parts of the book are Q and Kyle’s interactions. The family dynamic is also a very good story point with Kyle’s mom and dad struggling with the loss of his older brother and Kyle not feeling like he lives up to his father’s standards. Issue #2 really hits the family point of the story hard and does a great job of giving the reader the different points of view from Kyle’s parents, his uncle, and his own perspective. It’s not all family drama, as we get some great scenes with Kyle and Q doing some training with some “upgrades”.


The art team does a great job on the design of Q and Minor Spoiler for this issue other dogs. The design on Q is very well done and the different robotic parts and tubes to make him are very well rendered. I am not going to lie Q is a little bit creepy looking because he looks like a dog with no skin, but after the first issue, the design really grows on you. The different designs and shapes used to create these “robot dogs” are just fantastic to look at. The characters have a good sense of “motion” throughout the book and this issue has some really fun moments in it that are very well done. Minor art complaints would be the design for the “native” bug people is kind of bland, but they haven’t really been featured a lot so that could change (looks like they will be causing trouble in issue #3). The backgrounds are a little sparse, I would like to to see some more detail in this world. Overall, the art fits the story well and gives the book the fun/sci-fi tone that it needs.


Issue #1 of Red Dog was a great introduction to this limited series (six issues) and gave the reader a little bit of info into Kyle’s life. In issue #2 we really get some great insight into Kyle and his struggles with his family life. We also get some great interactions between Kyle, his uncle, Q and some new friends. Red Dog #2 is just a really fun issue. Red Dog looks like it is going to be a great six issue series that’s going to give the reader a great story with some wonderful characters. If you want a sci-fi story that’s not all doom and gloom pick up Red Dog, I guarantee you will have a smile on your face.

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