Incorporated Cancelled After One Season

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Incorporated Done In By Low Ratings

Incorporated, the SyFy freshman drama, has been canceled after one season. The show, produced by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, struggled to find an audience. It took its final bow on January 25th. While it was a modest ratings hit, it underperformed compared to numerous shows at the same network. The show focused on a near-future where corporations have taken over everything. Ben Larson, played by Sean Teale, is an executive who risks everything to save the woman he loves. Though timely, it obviously did not catch fire with a broader audience. According to ratings,  Incorporated had 500,000 viewers the day of airing, and under 1 million after a week.

Incorporated syfyThis adds another setback to both Affleck and Damon. Affleck, of course, was in the controversial Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, where he got good reviews. However, his next film, The Accountant, was a minor success and his passion project Live By Night was a critical and financial flop. Damon has had a less fraught 2016-2017 season, but his most recent film, The Great Wall, has been fiercely derided as another “white savior” film.

SyFy Orders New Shows

While Incorporated fades away, SyFy is already planning its next season. The channel has ordered two more seasons of horror anthology series Channel Zero. They also have numerous pilots in production, including The Machine, The Haunted and Happy!, based off the Grant Morrison comic. The most anticipated pilot in production is a DC Comics co-production, Krypton. This will serve as a prequel to the Superman mythos, focusing on Superman’s grandfather. Created by Dark Knight Trilogy, Man of Steel, and Batman V Superman writer David S. Goyer, Krypton is a highly anticipated series for SyFy.

As for Incorporated, it joins other genre shows that just couldn’t make it past corporate to get a second season.


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