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Following the footsteps of Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo will soon be charging for an online subscription service. The subscription service will be available as a free trial beginning in March and will switch (pun definitely intended) to requiring payment in Fall 2017. Nintendo has not revealed what the price of the service will be yet, but we may have an idea of how much it will cost.

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According to a tweet from Dr. Serkan Toto, the annual cost for the subscription service will be between 2,000-3,000 yen. He also posted the conversion to USD prices which ranged from $17.50 to $26.50. Keep in mind that the conversion rates may possibly change from day to day. It should also be noted that the conversion price and the actual retail price can be different. The Switch, formerly known as the Nintendo NX, is advertised to cost 29,980 yen and $299.99 USD. However, if you convert the cost in yen to USD at the current conversion rate, the Switch should only cost $266.29. If you factor in that $30 difference, that could put the Nintendo subscription on par with Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus at around $60.

Nintendo Online Service Features

During the free trial, a limited amount of services will be available. One of these is that co-op and competitive multiplayer will be available for online multiplayer playing. Once the paid service begins, additional features will be added to the service. Like Xbox Live and PS Plus, players will be able to grab members-only discounts and voice chat in-game. Unfortunately, instead of the chat function being built into the system itself like the Xbox and PlayStation consoles, this will require players to have a smart device and download a currently un-named app. Players will also get to rent one free NES or SNES game per month. It is unknown if players will be able to choose any game from the library or if Nintendo will be deciding on what game will be available for the month. Either way, once the month is over, players will not be able to continue playing the game unless they purchase it from the eShop.

Would you be willing to pay $17.50-$26.50 per year for this service? What about if it does end up costing $60 per year? Let us know in the comments below!

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