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In today’s digitally focused world, PC gaming has quickly turned from a specialist, almost ‘nerdy’ hobby into one that is welcomed by a wide range of players of all demographics. However, like many hobbies it is one that comes with costly investment in the form of new titles and ‘build your own’ hardware. Heading to a free online gaming platform, such as lets players try a range of downloadable and web-based games that can ease any novice into the PC gaming world at no cost at all.

While the average monthly spend may vary from player to player, initial investment into PC gaming can be huge. Overclockers 8Pack Asteroid, named as one of the best new gaming PCs for 2017 by, is priced at around $5,624, while desktops with a lower spec such as the StormForce Tornado will set players back $1,180. With the addition of accessories such as a specialist mouse, screen and of course, games purchases, a player must be sure about their new hobby to ensure that this money is well spent.

Heading to a free online platform such as gives access to a wide range of PC titles, ready to be played on any household laptop or PC. This gives players time to ‘test the water’ before making the costly tech investments involved in any dedicated PC hobby.

Nikolai Veselov from said, “Gaming as an industry is one that is at the forefront of many technological innovations, which is fantastic for those that like to experience new forms of entertainment first, but can also break the bank. Before taking the plunge into the exciting world of ‘hardcore’ PC gaming, starting out with one of our free to play but thrilling titles can give you time to get used to the format and know it is one you want to pursue.”

Shooters are a popular genre for PC gamers, and similar fast-paced action titles can also found at the premier gaming website with 3D Sniper, Operation Anti Terror and Agent Combat and more to choose from. Fantasy titles are also loved by PC gamers, and with mystical games such as Kingdom of Aurelia: Mystery of the Poisoned Dagger, Dreamscapes: Nightmare’s Heir and a whole host of other intriguing titles, players can be transported to similar far off lands at the click of a mouse.

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