Fantasy Book Promises to Unleash the Magic of Chess


From The Chess Games —


“I hope the book will revive interest in this great game,” says Simba, author of the breakthrough new novel, ‘The Chess Games: A New Sicilian Hope’.

“I wrote the book to try capture the magic of chess, to let the reader see the beauty of the game in a fantasy world – the book is like a gift for those who love and admire the game.” He added.

Simba’s creation stands unique. Most chess books on the market are non-fiction books that either focus on teaching the game of chess or extracting life lessons for business leaders.

Although a fantasy novel, Simba, a chess player himself, has gone to lengths to ensure the story is aligned with the rules and principles of chess.

It is certainly going to be a hit in countries where chess is very popular like United States, Russia, Ukraine, India, Germany, Brazil, South Africa and many others. Non-English countries will soon see their own native translations of the book.



 Don’t let your fascination with the beautiful game of Chess fool you – the REAL Chess Games are a violent spectacle!

Twelve-year-old Michael Sceptre is suffering from an identity crisis. He is forced to start again and search for a new purpose in life now that his hero, his Father, has died under mysterious circumstances.

He reluctantly takes up the game of chess and survives bullying, witchcraft, murder, betrayal, prejudice to represent the Southern Kingdom, in the 20th Chess Games in the Capitol, the heart of Eurikka, a planet that rose from the ruins caused by the deadly Obsidian Plague.

 The Southern Kingdom has lost 19 times and are weak from paying heavy tributes. They are vulnerable to an invasion. Can Michael’s new chess opening, the Sicilian defense, bring victory? A win will change the fortunes of the Southern Kingdom.

 With clear inspiration from the beautiful game of chess, Simba has created a brilliantly imagined dystopia, where Eurikka, divided by wars into two Kingdoms, uses the Chess Games to avert future wars. To satisfy the bloodthirsty wealthy factions, the poorest faction, Pawns, and prisoners, political enemies, alongside the Chess Games, are thrown into the Chess Arena to battle like gladiators to the death for amusement.

 Impressive world-building, breathtaking action, and life lessons make this volume, the beginning of a planned trilogy, as good as the Hunger Games or other dystopian novels.

The Chess Games captures the enchantment and magic of the game of chess and uses it to teach life lessons.


 “Any young adult or fan of thoroughbred fantasy fiction will revel in the story. There really isn’t anything else out there like it – and with two more books to come, the saga is far from over. In fact, we’ve barely scratched the surface!” the author adds.

With the volume’s demand expected to be high, interested readers are urged to secure their copies as soon as possible after release.


Availability & Pricing

‘The Chess Games: A Sicilian Hope’ is available for sale now on major ebook retailers including Amazon, Apple ,Barnes and Noble, Asia Books,, Kobo,  Nook store, the Kobo US bookstore, and GooglePlay Books.

The eBook version will retail at U$9.99, while paperback version will retail at $19.99

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