Review – Ether #4

Ether #4
Ether #4
  • Writer: Matt Kindt
  • Artist: David Rubin
  • Lettering: David Rubin
  • Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
  • Release Date: February 15, 2017

(Spoiler Free)


Ether #4 (of 5) absolutely blows up what the Ether has been about and how it is perceived. The world of the Ether has always been seen as very strange, kooky and fun. Yes, things are killed and die but Ether throughout the series has been somewhat lighthearted in tone, well not anymore. In this issue, we mainly concentrate on Boone’s former love Hazel. At the end of the last issue, it was teased that Hazel knew more about the Ether than we had previously known or been shown. We find out in this issue that Hazel has traveled to the Ether when she was a young child and to stay spoiler free it was not a good experience. Boone Dias still also has the copper Golem to deal with that broke into the earth world from the Ether. With this huge revelation, things are all coming to a head for the final issue as the mystery of the Ether still unfolds.

Ether #4Matt Kindt has started to close the gap between the two plot lines of who killed The Blaze and what happened to Boone Dias life on earth to make it have such a dramatic downfall. I have been waiting on an issue like this since the first few issues. In the past three issues we have mostly seen Boone and Glum traverse the Ether and try to hunt down the Blazes killer. With this issue Kindt slows everything down and takes us to a darker part of the series, with the flashbacks in the other issues there was always a little uneasiness of something darker lingering. Kindt brings this darkness to the for front and I don’t like the questions it has me raising about the love able Boone Dias.


What can I say about David Rubin that I haven not said before, his art is still magnificent and brings the Ether into full form. The emotion and characterization he puts in these characters faces is mesmerizing. He does a great job with the eyes and in one scene in particular he gets so much across when it is just a close up of a certain characters face and the eyes tale a whole story and it is a haunting piece of art. He still continues with his fantastic panel layouts and overall great scene structure. The colors are a fantastic blend of more toned down and have a more washed out look to them . The colors in this series are not very bright and bombastic, but to me have that old children’s book feel to them.


Ether only has one more issue to go and after this issue it is going to be very exciting to see what Kindt and Rubin have in store for the final issue. So many questions are raised in Ether #4, but I really don’t want to spoil them, it’s worth this series for yourself. Kindt and Rubin continue just to be a fantastic creative team and are really bringing their “A” game to Ether. Great story and fantastic art Ether has been fantastic read so far and we will see next month what is really going on with Boone Dias and the truth about the Ether world.

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