Review – God Country #2

God Country #2
God Country #2
  • Writer: Donny Cates 
  • Art: Geoff Shaw
  • Color: Jason Wordie 
  • Letterer & Design: John J. Hill
  • Publisher: Image Comics
  • Release Date: February 15, 2016

(Spoiler Free)

God Country #2 Story: 

After the events of God Country #1, we learn that the sword that Emmett wields is very special. This mighty sword does does not only cure his Alzheimer’s, but it also gives him “god like powers”. The sword grants these powers and heals Emmett because the blade itself is a god! The sword calls itself “Valofax” the god of blades. Wielding such a weapon does not come without catching some powerful attention and someone always wants that power. Well the power of Valofax is no different and someone else wants to take that from Emmett. That someone else happens to be “the god of kings”. Aristus the god of war, blood, and honor has come claim it back for “the god of kings”. This is not an easy task as Valofax chooses its wielder and will not be given or taken lightly. Emmett is not willing to give up Valofax to Aristus, being finally able to remember his name and family, he does not want to give up the power of Valofax. Now War is coming to Texas and it is not going to be pretty.

Donny Cates writes a fantastic second issue in this series. There is no real action in this issue it is mainly an explanation of the sword and who wants it, but it is a great issue none the less. The characters are set up from the first issue, so we already understand the plight of Roy (Emmett’s son), Janey (Roy’s wife) and Deena (their daughter/Emmett’s granddaughter) and them dealing with Emmett’s struggle with Alzheimer’s disease. Now they have a very new issue with Emmett wielding a giant sword, slaying demons and being cured of his Alzheimer’s. It has some very sweet moments like Emmett huggin his family, when all of is memories flood back to him. I also love the narration boxes at the beginning of the story, I can’t be the only person reading those in Sam Elliot’s voice (if you are not you will be now). The narration box gives the story that Old west folktale feel to the story and makes it that much more gripping.

God Country #2Art:

Geoff Shaw does some wonderful work on this issue, especially in making the Texas landscape absolutely breathtaking. His rough pencils give the characters a  more “human” feel to them and make the more intimate story line of a man finally being able to remember much more touching. That is not to say the otherworldly things in this series do not look amazing. Aristus has a great superhero landing sequence and it looks as jaw dropping as it should be. Jason Wordie on colors complements Shaw’s art so well, the colors really make the scenery almost have a painted look to it. He has a great scene with the sun setting that is just about perfection. Shaw and Wordie make a fantastic art team and really make God Country stand out in the sea of comic books.


I am still loving this series especially how it is covering an issue like Alzheimer’s while also bringing in a crazy fantasy story to boot. Shaw is building a wonderful story making Emmett a very poignant character. The scenes of an old man walking and talking with a god in the Texas landscape or both funny in a since and oddly heart breaking in God Country #2. Seeing Emmett so joyful in remembering something so simple as his name is heart breaking. It makes perfect since why he would not want to give up Valofax. The bigger question is what is that going to mean for his family and maybe the fate of earth itself? God Country #2 is not only a great fantasy story but a great story about family and disease and how that affects everything around you.

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