Review – Moonshine #5

Moonshine #5
Moonshine #5
  • Writer: Brian Azzarello
  • Art/Color: Eduardo Risso
  • Color Assistant: Cristian Rossi
  • Letterer & Design: Jared K. Fletcher
  • Publisher: Image Comics
  • Release Date: February 8th, 2017

(Spoiler Free)


After issue #4 I was a little worried that the series might start to become a little “stale” as it felt the story was not progressing much. Moonshine #5 revamped my enthusiasm for this book and things are really starting to heat up.

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Lou Pirlo ran off with Temptest Holt into the woods at the end of the last issue. After their “moonlit rendezvous”, Lou wakes up in the morning in the woods with Temptest nowhere to be found and Mister Holt with a gun, probably not what he exactly wanted to see. It seems Mister Holt is tired of Lou Pirlo’s games and after giving him many chances to leave Mister Holt is going to take care of Lou himself. Meanwhile, in the big city, Lou’s gangster friends are not too happy with what transpired in the last issue and have called in the big guns to come to the Holt’s house hold to “get the job done”.  Two worlds are about to collide and Lou Pirlo may let the demons inside of him out, literally.

Moonshine #5Azzarello has done a fantastic job setting up this series. From Lou Pirlo and his ongoing external drinking problem to his internal family past, he has become quite the character that keeps getting a little deeper with each issue, to the whole Holt family and the mysterious inhabitants of this mountain town. He has built a fantastic story in that you are not really “rooting” for anyone in particular, but you want to see how everything is going to turn out and what exactly is going on with each character. Azzarello gives us with each issue little tidbits of information about the Holt family and the whole mystery involving his children are they adopted, where did they come from, how do werewolves fit into all of this? And little bits about Lou Pirlo’s past and how he got to where he is today, with the apparent drowning of his sister and how his family subsequently fell apart. 


Eduardo Risso does some really brilliant work on Moonshine #5. He has a flashback page that seems like more of a painted style, with a more water color texture that is completely different than all the other pages in this book. Risso has just about perfected drawing and coloring moon lit scenes, he captures the colors and shadows perfectly giving that eerie feel of being in complete darkness, but with the moon giving glances of colors and shapes.  He also still does a great job of showing glimpses of the werewolf with only teeth and eyes or a claw showing, I still love keeping the beast mainly in the shadows as it feels more effective horror wise than showing the full creature. Eduardo also does a great job with the Noir/Pulp style of the “mob/gangsters” and really pulls off that feel with the combination of horror in the series.


Moonshine #5 has picked up its pace and things are coming to a head with the next issue. Lou’s bosses have had enough of the Holt family and realize they are not going to give up their moonshine without a fight and they are bringing some heavy artillery to the mountain town. Moonshine went from being a little bit dull after that last issue to completely upping the stakes in issue #5 and with the combination of Eduardo’s art styling, I am really looking forward to the battle that is coming to ahead in the next issue. If you like noir, pulp, crime, mystery, and werewolves Moonshine has what you are looking for.

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