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Last week on the series premiere of NBC’s show Powerless, Emily Locke (Vanessa Hudgens) started a new job as an R & D director, and her office, led by Bruce Wayne’s cousin Van (Alan Tudyk), was almost immediately disbanded due to redundancy. The optimistically inclined Emily was somewhat disheartened, and Van’s assistant Jackie (Christina Kirk) told her that her optimistic attitude wouldn’t last long in the business environment. However, Emily led her team (Danny Pudi, Ron Funches, and Jennie Pierson) to create a product that made them relevant to Wayne Industries, thereby saving their jobs.

Powerless Wayne Dream TeamThoughts on the episode of Powerless

This episode was very funny. It extended the concept of the “work fantasy league” to the world of Powerless (although that begs the question “Are there sports fantasy leagues in the Powerless universe?”) and leaned a little on the disastrous and comedic that could. It also addressed how Emily still doesn’t feel at home in Charm City, and showed her taking some steps to help herself.

Van also had a fairly silly subplot all his own. He’s the kind of character who is nominally the boss, but people (especially not Jackie, who probably controls him fairly effectively) aren’t too afraid to mess around with him. In addition, Van’s ego causes a lot of problems for him, even when he thinks he’s doing everything right. Emily and her team are probably only going to have direct problems with Van when something personal to him is at stake (like his dream job last week).

This episode also introduced an effective recurring villain in HR head Samuel Greene (Michael D. Cohen), which was necessary on the show’s part since Van is too wrapped up in himself to properly scare his employees. Greene doesn’t really have any issues with appearing a certain way to other people, just as long as he is seen being effective in his job. 

In conclusion, “Wayne Dream Team” was a thoughtful second episode. It added more dimensions to the world of the show. In addition, it broadened the cast of characters to include what seems to be an unambiguous and unquestionable villain, unlike Alan Tudyk’s egoist Van. This episode was a good building block in the foundation of a great series.


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