Review – Powerless S01E04: Emily Dates a Henchman

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On the previous episode of Powerless, Van (Alan Tudyk) dealt with his daddy issues while Emily (Vanessa Hudgens) tried to secure the biggest account that Wayne Security has ever had. Meanwhile, Teddy (Danny Pudi), Jackie (Christina Kirk), and Ron (Ron Funches) dealt with the ramifications of outing a potential superhero.

Thoughts on this week’s episode of Powerless

Since it’s in the title, it is not spoilery to say that Emily dated a henchman this week. Her A plot was arguably the best integration of comic book issues (villains and henchmen everywhere!) and “modern world” issues (dating and recovering from terrible relationships). The plotline was a bit too predictable (as soon as the audience knows that Emily’s dating a henchman, it’s not rocket science deriving where that plot may go next), but it was still somewhat interesting and silly. 

Powerless S01E04: Emily Dates A HenchmanThe B plotline of this episode followed Ron, Teddy, and Van as they looked to return a Batarang to Batman.  This plotline didn’t really have a clear direction, and Van’s involvement in the B plot seemed like a way to help Emily’s plotline out of a jam. While it stands to reason that everyone would be crazy about Batman, having plotlines focusing on him as a superhero doesn’t make a lot of sense when the creators of Powerless aren’t planning on putting Batman on screen anytime soon. Turns out that current DCEU Batman Ben Affleck doesn’t come cheap. Considering this, why can’t they pick a lesser-known (and lesser-used) superhero to have at the center of an episode? On the other hand, why can’t they save this episode for later in the season, when they will have done more than just Bandy Batman’s name around.

Sidebar: if there can’t be two live-action Batmans at once, why can Supergirl cast Tyler Hoechlin to play Superman while Henry Cavill is still the DCEU Superman? Does Superman’s recent death make a difference in casting relevance? Does the higher number of previous live action Batmans make a difference? Who knows?

Alan Tudyk in the Robin costume and the reveal that two Robins have already died “on the job” were great easter eggs this week.  The bruise shaped like Green Lantern’s ring was also a nice touch.

What did you think about this episode of Powerless? Tell us in the comments!

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