Three New Starfleet Officers Recruited to Star Trek: Discovery

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Following on the tail of the leaked photo of some pretty cool aliens is the news of three Starfleet officers joining the cast. Whether or not the leaked photo shows Klingons they still look fascinating and probably not friendly. Recently we also saw a trailer for the beginning of production. With all this news it looks as though Star Trek: Discovery is taking off and on a good start. Especially now that we have Klingons and Starfleet officers.

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The Starfleet officers of Discovery

Back in November it was announced that Michelle Yeoh, from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Marco Polo, has been cast to play Captain Georgiou, captain of the Starship Shenzhou. The last time a Trek series had a female captain lead was Voyager with Captain Kathryn Janeway. She was a very strong willed and steadfast captain that led her crew through the perilous Delta quadrant and back to the Alpha quadrant. We still don’t know how much the show will focus on the Shenzhou, but at least two of the new cast are Shenzhou crew. Joining Michelle Yeoh will be Sam Vartholomeos, Maulik Pancholy, and Terry Serpico.

Under Captain Georgiou onboard the Shenzhou is Ensign Connor. Connor is played by Sam Vartholomeos, known for his work on The following. Playing the Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Nambue, is Maulik Pancholy. His biography includes roles on Hitch, 30 Rock, Phineas and Ferb, Weeds, and Sanjay and Craig. Rounding out our casting is Terry Serpico. His role will be as Admiral Anderson. We only know that Admiral Anderson is a high-ranking officer within Starfleet. Terry Serpico’s credits include The Purge: Election Year, Army Wives, Rescue Me, 100 Centre Street, and The Inspectors.

That is all the latest news on Star Trek: Discovery; stay tuned for more as production continues at Pinewood Studios. Star Trek: Discovery will be available on CBS All Access.

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