Cosplayer Spotlight – Carolina Angulo

Carolina Angulo
Character: Ibuki. Video Game: Street Fighter. Photo by Michael Homunculo.


Word of the Nerd is pleased to present to you one of our most popular features, Cosplayer Spotlight.  We feature new and talented cosplayers from the cosplay community.  Be sure to check back every day to catch some up and coming new cosplay talent or get a look at some well established and already famous members from the world of cosplay.


About Carolina Angulo

My name is Carolina Angulo, I am 28 years old and I have a nice baby girl named Enyi. I currently have a belly dance school in my country. I am a teacher and also a professional dancer. I also dedicate myself to my daughter and in my free time I play video games.


Carolina Angulo
Character: Midna. Video Game: The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess


How did you first get into cosplay?

The first cosplay I did was Chun Li in 2010.I did not know that these conventions were made in my country. The first one I attended is called J-Fest and I was able to obtain the first place in the individual category. It was a nice experience.

What’s your favorite cosplay you’ve done so far?

My favorite has been Midna.

Do you usually get positive reactions from fans?

Yes, I usually have many people who support me and like all of life, people who look for the least to make you feel bad.

What’s the next costume or event you’re preparing for?

The Belly Dancer Shantae.

What characters inspire you the most?

Bayonetta. My favorite.

What is your primary area of inspiration for your cosplay?  Comics, anime, games or other?

Video Games: ZELDA! I usually like strong characters of personality and are involved with dancing like Bayonetta.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give new cosplayers?

Enjoy what they do and if they like it heartily. Do it.

What does your budget run per costume?

More than 100 US. It depends.

Is there anything that would make you stop cosplaying?

What would make me stop is that I already feel that I do not enjoy it?

Why do you cosplay?  

For me personally, is to do it because I like, I like to disguise myself and look a little at least the physical and especially the personality of the character.  I’ve always liked it, especially all the characters related to video games. My favorite is Zelda, I always imagine being the people. I have had a good imagination since I was a child.


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  • What can I say…another amazing cosplayer. We are blessed with some of the best talent from the cosplay community. Thanks to everyone who participates!!!

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