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According to Nerdist, Netflix has released the first teaser trailer for their upcoming film adaptation, Death Note, based on the popular anime series. Watch the trailer below.

More about Death Note:

In the teaser trailer, main character Light finds the infamous Death Note notebook after it falls from the sky (nb: if you see something fall from the sky and hit the ground, you should probably leave it there), and reads the instructions. Said instructions are shown to read: “The human whose name is written in this notebook shall die,” but there are clearly further instructions that aren’t clear to the viewer. There are also quick flashes of imagery that include what looks like the Space Needle, a falling Ferris wheel and people walking off of a building. The trailer ends as an offscreen character asks Light “Shall we begin?”

This adaptation will star Nat Wolff as Light Turner (changed from the Light Yagami of the original, Lakeith Stanfield as L, Margaret Qualley as Mia Sutton (rather than Misa Amane), and Willem Dafoe as Ryuk. Netflix’s adaptation of Death Note is the first Western adaptation of Death Note; there have been multiple previous adaptations in Japan.

Possible Death Note controversy:

The release of this trailer is uncharacteristically not well planned on Netflix’s part. It comes less than a week after their release of the Marvel television series Iron Fist. This is also the same week that the film Ghost in the Shell is being released. What do these two projects have in common with Death Note? All three of these projects have been accused of white-washing roles that would have been better served by casting Asian actors. Therefore, people are disappointed by the third prominent project this week that seems to be committing the same offense. This adaptation of Death Note has also noticeably changed the setting, so some fans of the anime may be mollified by the thought that the property has diverged enough from the original to let the characters change as well. However, other fans may feel that these changes to the Death Note franchise may make their beloved property unrecognizable. 

Death Note will be released on Netflix on a heretofore unannounced date.

Are you annoyed at the continued white-washing of originally Asian roles? Do you think this controversy is severely overblown? Are you excited to see the film adaptation of Death Note? Tell us in the comments!


Image via Netflix.

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