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With the premiere of Justice League Movie fast approaching, it’s not surprising that the teaser trailers are already flooding the internet. With Aquaman, Batman, and Flash featured already, we have high hopes for Superman and Wonder Woman to get short clips before the full-length movie trailer is released on Saturday. 

Let’s take a quick look at these character trailers, and what they might mean for the upcoming blockbuster super-team.


Aquaman is my all-time favorite superhero (if you need to know why or think he’s not cool, please read the current DC Rebirth Aquaman standalone comic.) Aquamomoa showed off about 5 seconds of really cool swimming in Batman V Superman, but we haven’t heard much since. In his trailer, he seems pretty awesome, and definitely a little different from the orange and green hero we all know. In the trailer, he grabs his trademark trident from Batman and controls the mighty ocean with one sultry glance and a wave of his fabulous hair. Overall impression: less blonde, more buff, and definitely going to shine in this upcoming movie. 



We’ve already seen Batfleck in Batman V Superman, so his teaser doesn’t do much teasing. It’s a good opportunity to get blinded by the bat-light, though. We catch a glimpse of the new Batmobile, which seems to be packing some serious power and anywhere from 2-100 guns. A quick shot of Batsy straddling some Lady Death Gargoyle, waving his cape in the dark winds of justice, and we’re speeding off into the next character trailer. 


The Flash speeds into his own quick trailer, too! I suppose it’s fitting that his is only 15 seconds long compared to Batman and Aquaman’s 20-second spots. You can only get the Scarlet Speedster to stand still for so long. Besides a Flash suit design that looks like it’s made of Tangrams, licorice, and spray painted sneakers, Ezra Miller shines in this lightning-fast clip. 

Our three heroes also unveiled individual Justice League posters to accompany their short trailers. Are they the perfect set of alternating phone wallpapers to count down to the Justice League movie? You decide.


If today continues this trailer trend, we can look forward to tidbits of Superman and Wonder Woman, too, before the Justice League full-length trailer drops Saturday. We can’t wait to see what’s in store once the team is back together on the big screen!

Justice League Premieres November 17, 2017 in the US & UK.

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