Power Rangers Star Ricardo Medina Pleads Guilty To Murder

Ricardo Medina Power Rangers

Ex-Power Rangers Wild Force star, Ricardo Medina pleaded guilty to the murder of his former roommate, Josh Sutter. Deadline reports that the stabbing was the result of an argument between Medina and Sutter about Medina’s girlfriend.

Ricardo Medina’s Arrest and Trial

In an ordeal over two years in the making, former Power Rangers actor Ricardo Medina entered a guilty plea for the murder of his roommate, Josh Sutter. Authorities detained Medina on January 31, 2015. In mid-February of that year, the D.A. rejected the case. Upon his release, Medina told the media “I’m very, very, very sorry for what occurred. “I’m very happy to be out of jail and my heart goes out to the Sutter family.” Under one year later, the actor was arrested again on these murder charges.

On January 14, 2016, L.A. County Sheriffs brought Medina in with a $1 million bail. Medina entered a guilty plea on March 16, 2017 with sentencing occurring on March 30, 2017. The incident took place after an argument concerning the Power Rangers star’s girlfriend on January 31, 2015. Following the argument, Medina repeatedly stabbed Sutter with a sword the two kept in the house.

Ricardo Medina’s best known performance is Cole Evans, the Red Wild Force Power Ranger. The show premiered on FOX Kids and ABC Kids in 2002 and lasted one season. Furthermore, Medina played Deker on the 2012 iteration of Power Rangers entitled Power Rangers Samurai. His last credited performance is in the 2012 horror film Bad Blood.

Power Rangers Ricardo Medina

What Can We Learn?

The Power Rangers are back in the mainstream because of the upcoming live action film. As a result, the timing of this story is eerie. As fans, it’s easy to forget about the actual humans behind these franchises. So, when stories like this break, it’s a shock to the system. It’s tricky water to navigate. The most important aspect is empathizing with the victim’s friends a family. Also, long-time Power Rangers fans mustn’t let this act of violence tarnish their chosen fandom. The heinous act is detestable and does not represent the positivity associated with fandom.

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