Batter Up with Topps new interactive game for MLB BUNT

From Topps—

Get into the action with Batter Up a fun new, interactive game, for Topps’ popular digital trading card app, Topps MLB BUNT 2017. This season brings exclusive digital card designs and performance-based contests updated in real-time during live MLB games along with a new interface and the introduction of Batter Up giving fans the ultimate baseball experience on and off the field.

Batter Up is an exciting all or nothing card game where players attempt to walk-off with all of their winnings before striking out and losing it all!  Batter Up to win special featured cards or coins with an innovative twist on America’s favorite pass time. 

So how do you play? Players are dealt a random combination of 5 cards face down including hits, strikes, foul balls and balls. Each round, players reveal 3 cards by dragging them into the batter’s box, receiving coins for each hit drawn. After 3 cards have been chosen, a new hand is dealt for the chance to hit a Grand Slam! Players continue to draw cards until they face the game-changing decision to either walk-off with all their winnings or risk it all. Feeling risky? Players receive a bigger coin payout bonus when they have 2 strikes. If a player gets 4 balls, then the count resets to stay in the action but strike out and lose everything! Remember, the more coins collected the more digital card packs players can open every day!

Step up to the plate and put your batting average to the test by downloading Topps MLB BUNT in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.



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