Ciaran Hinds is Justice League’s Steppenwolf

Ciaran Hinds justice league

Game of Thrones actor Ciaran Hinds confirmed his role as Steppenwolf in the upcoming Justice League film. Rumors of the actor’s involvement with the project circled since November 2015.

Hinds Heads to Apokolips

In an interview with The Independent, Ciaran Hinds confirmed the rumor of his involvement with Justice League. The Game of Thrones alum is inhabiting the role of Steppenwolf, uncle of Darkseid, and leader of the armies of Apokolips. Also in the interview, he surmises that his role as Lot in the 1980’s cult classic, Excalibur, steered Zack Snyder and crew in his direction for Steppenwolf: 

“They were great fans of Excalibur, Zack and his team. Maybe that’s how I got the role [in Justice League]! Who knows? There’s a bit when they’re walking in Gotham City and suddenly on a marquee of a cinema you see Excalibur playing.” Then there was the moment Superman is impaled by a large spear. “That’s exactly what happened in Excalibur, with Nigel Terry [who played King Arthur] pierced by Mordred.”

Based on the Justice League trailer, our heroes have their work cut out for them. Several shots depict the armies of Apokolips readying for battle. Ciaran Hinds has the street cred to portray an imposing godlike being. He’s been a staple of television and films since the early 80’s. Of course, his name may not conjure immediate recognition, but Hinds portrayed characters in the Harry Potter universe, Game of Thrones, and There Will Be Blood

Stephenwolf Batman v Superman Ciaran Hinds

Steppenwolf briefly appears in a deleted Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice scene. In the scene, Lex Luthor and his crew excavate the scout ship from Man of Steel. In the heart of the ship, they find a demonic looking being surrounded by Mother Boxes. Furthermore, the creature seems to bellow Luthor’s name before disappearing into the aether. However, a sect of people believe the creature in the scout ship is Darkseid’s father, Yuga Khan. Regardless, the New Gods factor heavily into the threats faced by the Justice League in the film.

Justice League lands in theaters November 17th, 2017.

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