Fan Casting: Who Should Play Batgirl?


The cat’s out of the bag and everyone knows Joss Whedon is writing and directing a Batgirl solo movie. Of course, the man is no stranger to delivering great female characters, so Batgirl is right up his alley. However, the question about who should play Barbara Gordon remains unanswered. Currently, the most popular theory among fans revolves around the star of The 100, Lindsay Morgan,  stepping into the boots and cape. But, nothing is set in stone, so here are five actresses I think are suitable for the addition to the Bat-family.


Rachel Evans Wood The Little Mermaid5. Evan Rachel Wood

Reportedly, Whedon’s Batgirl is taking inspiration from the excellent Gail Simone run on the character from the New 52. That means Barbara exists post-Killing Joke. As a result, she undergoes major physical rehabilitation and emerges tough as nails. Evan Rachel Wood knows a thing or two about portraying traumatized characters. Between her role as Dolores on Westworld and Stephanie in The Wrestler, Wood taps into a character’s psyche like few actresses of her generation. Her resume lacks action-oriented roles, but she commits to her roles 100% and could easily slip into a blockbuster franchise.


Olivia Cooke4. Olivia Cooke

Olivia Cooke is about to become a huge star. She made waves with film buffs as the titular “dying girl” in Me and Earl and The Dying Girl and did a lot of the heavy lifting in last year’s Ouija: Origin of Evil. But, that’s small-time in light of her next big project. She is playing Art3mis in Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of Ready Player One. The film is hotly anticipated but has almost no potential for a franchise. So, Cooke will be free to take any role she wants at that point. It would be a smart move for Whedon and co. to offer her an opportunity to carry her own franchise.


Naomi Scott3. Naomi Scott

The best thing about the new Power Rangers film is the chemistry between the main characters. But Naomi Scott stands as one of the film’s best performers. Her take on Kimberly is that of a disgraced popular girl, struggling to atone for cyber bullying. She has an easy charm about her and is compelling in every scene featuring her in Power Rangers. Sure, the studio wants a multi-film Power Rangers franchise. However, if that idea falls apart, Scott would be a great fit for Barbara Gordon.


Tessa Thompson2. Tessa Thompson

Okay, full disclosure here, this pick is fully because I want to see Tessa Thompson in everything. Her character in Creed is one of the best written female roles of the 2010s. And she supplements that with an excellent performance. Yes, Thompson is soon going to be part of the Marvel Universe with Thor: Ragnarok, but the scope of the role hasn’t been defined. So, if she finds herself one and done in the MCU, this writer would love her to hop on over to the DCEU. She’s the oldest actress on the list, but 1. That doesn’t matter, and 2. An older, wiser Barbara Gordon sounds great.


Anya Taylor-Joy1. Anya Taylor-Joy

Anya Taylor Joy is a great actress. Also, she loves playing in genre pictures. Her two breakout performances are in horror films, and she’s incredible in both of them. The characters are smart and resilient in the face of adversity. Casey from Split relies on her detective-esque deduction skills to de-escalate nearly every situation. Between Split and The Witch, Joy has more than proven her worth as heir apparent to the role of Batgirl. She portrays inquisitive, courageous, and calculating women. Combine her aptitude for playing easy to root for characters with Joss Whedon’s signature dialogue, and Batgirl will be a winner.


So, there it is, folks. Agree? Disagree? Think someone else should don the cape and cowl? Let us know in the comments below!

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