Invader Zim Returns

Invader Zim

Nickelodeon Animation announced the return of Invader Zim in a 90-minute television movie. Creator Jhonen Vasquez is set to direct the film.

Invader Zim Re-Invades

That sound you hear is the distant echo of The Doom Song bouncing off the metal wall’s of Invader Zim’s spacecraft. It’s been over a decade since the little green man graced television screens. However, the would be intergalactic conquistador is making his triumphant return! Nickelodeon Animation confirmed that Invader Zim is headed back to television in a 90-minute film. Furthermore, the original series’ creator, Jhonen Vasquez, and voice cast is on board as well. And, to add fuel to the fire, the studio released a short teaser for the event. Check it out below!

It’s not much, but the teaser features Richard Steven Horvitz’s iconic voice re-introducting Zim to Earth. Of course, his menace is undercut when GIR, voiced by Rosearik Rikki Simons, giggles at his “intimidating” voice. The animation is a simple fade-in of the Invader Sim logo, but more details are certain to emerge in the near future. 

Vasquez’s involvement with the film is great news to die-hard fans. However, it’s also surprising news. The Johnny The Homicidal Maniac creator stated that very little of his style changed for his television debut. Though, he also referred to making the jump from independent comics writer to working for a massive corporation as “absolute misery.”  But, Vasquez seems older, wiser, and ready to re-visit some of his most beloved characters.

Legends of The Hidden Temple, Nickelodeon’s kid-centric game show, received a television movie in late 2016. This model provides a way for now, grown-up 90’s kids to share their favorite properties with their children. And, by keeping the movies based around episodic properties, Nickelodeon does not have to worry about adhering to specific arcs or loose ends left by the shows. Invader Zim expanded their mythology in the second season but didn’t rely too heavily on multi-episode arcs. So, fans new and old can enjoy the ride. What you most excited for when Zim and Gir leap off the shelves of Hot Topic and back onto television screens? Let us know below!

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