Rainn Wilson Boards Star Trek Discovery

Rainn Wilson Star Trek Discovery

Rainn Wilson joined the cast of the upcoming CBS All Access show, Star Trek Discovery. According to a press release via the official Star Trek website, Wilson is stepping into the shoes of intergalactic con man Harry Mudd.

Make it Rainn

On the massive hit television show The Office, Rainn Wilson inhabited the role of Dwight Schrute. For better or worse, he made the character an instant icon. Unfortunately, since packing up the beet farm, Wilson hasn’t been able to shake the oversized glasses. He started SoulPancake, a production company focused on generating positive online content. Furthermore, he attempted to avoid typecasting with the Fox series Backstrom, in which he played a detective with a substance addiction. Unfortunately, the show was dead on arrival. However, the Emmy nominee is trading in the fluorescent lights of Dunder Mifflin for the holodeck on Star Trek Discovery.

Star Trek Discovery Rainn Wilson Harry Mudd
Harry Mudd

Wilson signed onto the upcoming CBS All Access series in the role of Harry Mudd. The name should ring a bell for die-hard Trek fans. Mudd appeared in two episodes of Star Trek The Original Series, and one episode of The Animated Series. Mudd (full name Harcourt Fenton Mudd), is a space-traveling con artist. Prior to his first encounter with the crew of the enterprise, Mudd smuggled contraband and purchased a space vessel with counterfeit money. For those crimes, he underwent psychiatric treatment. So, since Discovery predates the exploits of the Enterprise by roughly ten years, it’s a safe bet audiences will see Mudd at his most dastardly.

Rainn Wilson is no stranger to science fiction or the bridge of a star traveling vessel. He played Lahnk, one of the Thermians, in the 1999 film Galaxy Quest. Galaxy Quest is a send-up of shows like Star Trek and the fandom surrounding them. Also, it’s hilarious. So, to prepare for Wilson’s upcoming voyage to the stars, you should probably re-visit Galaxy Quest.

Mudd and his ship were mentioned and used in Star Trek Into Darkness.

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