Review – God Country #4

God Country #4

“One Way Ticket to Hell…and Back”

“Balegrim” the god of death laid a trap in this issue to capture Valofax for his father. With the Quinlan family-under-siege by hordes of undead creatures, Balegrim seizes their daughter and drags her to hell, knowing that Emmett will not hesitate to follow to save her. In God Country #4 Emmett and Valofax confront Balegrim in the pits of hell, while Roy and Janey continue to battle the undead on Earth. Can Emmett save his granddaughter from the underworld and what lasting effects with this have on the Quinlan family?


Donny Cates continues to impress with each issue of this series. He pulls the story along with such a great pace, God Country does not feel like it is moving too fast or too slow. Each issue pulls the story along and pushes it forward while still developing the world and characters. There is a great scene of Roy and Janey dealing with the fact that gods have literally shown up on their doorstep and their daughter has been dragged to hell, Cates does a fantastic job in these scenes having the characters both describe the absurdity of the situation while still reflecting on how this affects their own beliefs and the new reality they are in. Cates has developed Emmett into a beautiful character, making him into someone that is emotional, bull-headed, sweet and essentially a real human being. Cates has made God Country a wonderful family story full of gods, monsters, and emotional depth.


What can you say about Geoff Shaw other than he is putting on a show in God Country. The way he draws characters in dramatic scenes in this issue is simply amazing. He gets so much emotion and storytelling done through characters faces, body posture is pure dramatic visualization. There are some great panels that you can tell just through a “smirk” or downtrodden face that the reader knows exactly how the character is feeling and it is great character work from Shaw that gets this across. There is one panel in where Emmett is confronting Balegrim and Shaw shows Emmett’s hesitation and fear in the face the god of death. His posture is a little slumped he is holding Valofax a little lower his eyes are drawn downward and his chin is slumped, you can feel the fear and uncertainty oozing off the page, John J. Hill also does fantastic lettering on this panel giving Emmett’s word a “stuttering” feel that matches the scene perfectly. Jason Wordie on colors continues to match Shaw’s drawings magically, he does a great job with blue hues when they enter hell, and then switches to some great red tints in later scenes bringing out great emotion in the characters.


God Country #4 continues to impress with fantastic storytelling and a creative team that is firing on all cylinders. By the end of this issue, Emmett must confront that now wielding Valofax is truly affecting his family and putting them in great danger, he can’t stand for that. War has come to Texas and Emmett Quinlan wants to let the gods know that now he is ready for battle! God Country is simply put and amazing book that shows comic books at its best.

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