Review – Grass Kings #2

Grass Kings #2


My Brother’s Keeper


In Grass Kings #2 Robert, the leader of “The Grass Kingdom” (a refuge for people who want to live off the grid and apart from society) has been at a loss since his daughter went missing. It was presumed that she drowned but the body was never found and Robert’s marriage dissipated because of this. People in the grass kingdom have begun to question his leadership ability since becoming a recluse and drowning his sorrows in alcohol. Ashur the youngest brother checks in on Robert from time to time, while Bruce the middle brother fields questions about Robert’s ability to lead. When  Robert finds a woman in the lake that is connected to the nearest town “Cargill” memories come flooding back. She is the same age that his daughter would be and somewhat resembles what the child looked like. The Cargill sheriff is aware of the missing woman and decides to use this as a way to get into the Grass Kingdom. Shady things are happening inside and out of the Kingdom and Pandora’s box is about to be opened.

Matt Kindt writes a wonderful, weird story in Grass Kings #2. We learn more about Robert and his past with his daughter and the dissolved relationship with his ex-wife. Kindt also delivers some more information about the Grass Kingdom itself and what is going on. There is still a ton of mystery abound and questions continued to be raised in this issue. Is the Grass Kingdom really harvesting a killer and why did this woman run away from Cargill? Kindt writes some very interesting characters and each one has a unique voice that stands out. The sheriff of Cargill is still a mystery and it seems now that he is into some shady business himself. Kindt continues to give tiny reveals with each issue and it will be very interesting to see where he is taking this series.


Tyler Jenkins art style is not really my cup of tea but that does not make it any less impressive or wonderful. His sketchy rough style matched with a watercolor tone still gives the series and story the dream-like feel to it. He gets great acting out of his characters and still fills each scene with imagery and emotion. Jenkins makes Grass Kings standout as the art does not jump off the page but pulls your eyes and feels your head with emotion. His melodic colors are almost soothing and really adds to the drama of the book.


Grass Kings #2 sets the story of this series in full motion now that the series set up in issue #1 is done. We get some great character information and it leaves off with a fantastic cliffhanger. Kindt writes great emotional dialogue and has scripted a great family drama/mystery story that grips the reader’s mind. Jenkins continues to give the series an almost “melancholy” feel with his art style. This issue of Grass Kings continues the mystery of “The Grass Kingdom”, Kindt weaves drama and mystery together in a Twin Peaksesque town.


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