Review – Night Owl Society #1

Night Owl Society #1

“I’m just a teenage dirtbag baby”

This first of three issues of Night Owl Society follows invisible teenager David a student at  St. Cuthbert high school. He is not very athletic, he is not the smartest, really he is rather ordinary with no friends to speak of. David knows one thing though, the truth about the death of Father Shawn and he is determined to make his killers pay. Infiltrating the mob and stopping them is hard enough without having to somehow recruit classmates to help out. Luckily he finds his muscle, brains, looks and a wild card. Together they form the Night Owl Society and their first mission is punishing Father Shawn’s murderer. That sounds good in theory but the team must come together and not get killed in the process.


James Venhaus scripts a tight team up/ revenge book in the first entry into this series. This first issue moves extremely fast, as we are introduced to all the characters basic plot and by the end of the issue the team is formed and already started their plan. Being only three issues long, this first issue has a lot that has to be packed in and Venhaus does a good job of getting the story where it needs to be by the end.  It is kind of sad that all this happens so fast, it throws the story off as things happen in such rapid succession. From getting to know the main character, to basic plot and setting everything feels a little too crammed into this issue. I would have liked to see the whole “team gathering” element of the story happen a little bit slower and let us get to know some of those characters better. Not to say that this is a bad issue, I love the whole mystery of why Father Shawn was killed and I am a sucker for a “rag-tag” team up book, it all just feels a little too rushed.


Pius Bak handles all the art duties on Night Owl Society #1. Bak gives off a definite David Aja art style vibe to this series. He has the same minimalist type styling of Aja and the series seems to have the same flow of the famed Hawkeye series with panel layout and structure. His style is not quite as refined as Aja but it feels as if Bak was influenced by Aja’s art. The colors have a realistic look that gives the story a more grounded feel. The colors also help the story and feel a little bit more serious. Bak does a fantastic job of portraying the characters correctly, the high school kids look like teenagers which seem like a no-brainer but sometimes this element gets lost by some artist. 


Night Owl Society #1 is a good first issue if a little bit rushed. The team up story of high school kids fighting a mob boss seems like it is going to be a lot of fun and with the ending to this first issue, things are definitely going to get a little hairier. It would be nice if this could have been stretched to a four or five issue mini series instead of three, to let the story and characters breathe a little bit more in this first issue. That being said it is a solid first issue, but the story feels like it had a lot more possibilities given some breathing room. 

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