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Last week on Powerless, Emily (Vanessa Hudgens) and Van (Alan Tudyk) had a face off (that quickly devolved) about whether Van should give Emily her own office. Meanwhile, Teddy (Danny Pudi) was saved from an unfortunate fall by superhero Green Fury (Natalie Morales). This incident caused Teddy to believe that they had mutually fallen in love, leading Teddy to try to find her again, despite Ron’s (Ron Funches) apprehension.

This Week on Powerless:

This week on Powerless, Emily enlisted Green Fury to help her impress the Wayne Security Board while Teddy writhed in jealousy. Meanwhile, Wendy (Jennie Pierson) hung out with Jackie’s (Christina Kirk) daughter after she was suspended from school. 

Powerless Green Furious
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This episode was really fun and interesting and had a number of lessons that one could take away from it. The A plot had a notably feminist bent: showing that even if all your positive points indicate that you should be successful in a given situation, your gender may still negatively affect your chances. This moral is even more relevant when you consider that both Emily and Green Fury are women of color, who often suffer more in their media portrayals. Additionally, the “C Plot” with Teddy had a different important lesson relevant to feminism: if a person isn’t romantically interested in you, the answer is not to change yourself entirely (whether as a genuine gesture or a mask to trick your romantic interest), just be yourself and people will like you for who you are. It’s gratifying that Teddy seemed to learn this lesson after his concerning and creepy antics pursuing Green Fury. 

It could be argued that this entire episode utilized a feminist perspective by highlighting the struggles that all four featured female characters go through in the Powerless universe. Emily has trouble being heard at work, and her upward mobility is hindered by the white male board of Wayne Security as well as the culture that sucks up to them (one wonders what Bruce Wayne thinks of the board of his company, and hopes that he doesn’t like them very much). Green Fury isn’t taken seriously as a superhero because she’s an attractive woman, despite the fact that she can shoot fire out of her hands. Jackie doesn’t feel secure in her role as Ruby’s mother and feels threatened when Wendy befriends her daughter. Wendy doesn’t feel secure in her role as a functional adult, like many young adults. However, one of the “morals” we can derive from both plots of this episode is that women can succeed by working together to achieve their goals. 

More Thoughts About Green Fury:

On this week’s episode of Powerless, Green Fury has stepped up to become part of the A-plot. She seems like she’s better liked by the jaded denizens of Charm City than her predecessor, Crimson Fox. Although Charm City seemed sad to see her leave a couple of episodes ago, they generally didn’t seem to think highly of her while she was there. However, they seem to adore Green Fury, if the opinions of our main characters can speak for the populous at large This disparity of opinion could mean a couple of things for Green Fury. Optimistically, it will turn into nothing: Charm City likes green more than red for some arbitrary reason. The perspective shift may also be due to how Green Fury is friends with Emily, and the show sees her as a fully rounded character because of that. However, if Crimson Fox returns, the show (or factions within it) may start picking sides between the superheroines, which will benefit no one and will undermine the “women working together” message that this episode seemed to present. Green Fury seems like a great window into the superhero’s point of view in the Powerless universe, and I hope that the writers don’t waste the opportunity that her character presents. 

Powerless Green Furious
(Photo by: Evans Vestal Ward/Warner Bros. Entertainment/NBC)

Powerless airs new episodes on Thursdays at 8:30/7:30 central on NBC.

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