Rey’s Speeder Gets a Black Series Toy

Rey Speeder Star Wars

Rey’s speeder from Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens is immortalized in plastic. The new figure is part of the Black Series and is on display at Orlando’s Star Wars Celebration

Rey Speeds Onto Shelves

Toys are synonymous with the Star Wars brand. As a matter of fact, to prepare for the newest installments in the franchise, Disney instituted Force Friday. Force Friday is the day all the new Star Wars toys are available for purchase. In 2015, as hype for The Force Awakens reached a fever pitch, fans across the globe stood in line to get their hands on the new toys. However, one character was conspicuously absent from the line-up; Rey. It was a strange move given that she’s a main character in the film. And fans noticed. So, in early 2016, Disney announced an entire line of Rey-specific toys. Now, the force sensitive heroine’s speeder is getting a wonderful toy as part of Hasbro’s Black Series of Star Wars figures.

The toy is the second in a line of Force Awakens vehicles. The first is a beautiful (and expensive) TIE Fighter modeled after the ship used by Poe and Finn. But, now, Rey’s speeder gets the spotlight. It’s one of the only new vehicles in The Force Awakens, and boy is the figure beautiful. The statue is a t0 scale representation of the speeder Rey uses on Jakku. It measures six inches and features nine points of articulation, including two removable side panels to show off the engine. It also includes a base that tilts to give the illusion of the speeder turning.

Rey Speeder Star wars

But that’s not all! Accompanying the speeder is a brand new Rey figure. The new Rey toy boasts a brand new sculpt and features twenty-eight points of articulation. In addition, her clothes are made of soft fabric. And she comes equipped with her staff, satchel, and a removable face mask. Together, the two make a great looking piece for any shelf. The speeder runs $60 and will be available in fall of 2017. But, fans attending Star Wars Celebration in Orlando can catch an early glimpse of this and a slew of other toys at Hasbro’s booth.

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