Absolver Trailer Kicks Major Butt; Battle Styles, Customization and Mentors

Absolver Trailer Arrives

Admittedly, I’m not the greatest at fighting games. My patience drops quickly and eventually, I will resort to my eight-year-old self and button mash until something works. (I can count on one finger the number of times I was able to get a fancy fatality on someone in Mortal Kombat X…my sadness is real.) So it’s very rare that one will get my attention and be interesting enough for me to risk the potential anguish and frustration that I’ve come to associate with the genre. And I thought for sure this year the only one that would get me to see past the convoluted combos and pain that comes with PVP would be Injustice 2.

Absolver proved me wrong.

The Trailer Reveals

The newest trailer showed off a lot of this fluid addition to the online fighting line up for 2017. Developed by Sloclap, this Parisian indie game centralizes around the new player’s warrior called Prospect. Once the journey begins, you may choose a main fighting style between the available Forsaken, Kahlt and Windfall. Each has their own special ability that players will want to take into account when deciding. Forsaken offers a parry for those who like to slap away attacks and leave the enemy open to a counter. Kahlt is for those who don’t mind taking a hit and absorbing it (this one even can help you gain health back). Winfall is for players who want sick dodging skills that use the enemy’s momentum against them. All are great starter options and can be expanded upon as you traverse the open world of Adal.

Absolver models
Some of the Prospect models. Not going to lie, the middle one is my fav.

As you come across more enemies in the world of Absolver, you can learn new attacks and add them to your ever-expanding repertoire. Players can customize their move sets, the potential order, and assign alternatives to each of the four stances available. From the looks of the overview trailer, those of you worried about the fluidity of the fight have nothing to worry about. Everything seems to flow seamlessly regardless of stance and attacks chosen, something that many fighting games with stances have struggled with in the past.

Absolver GIF
That high knee though….

To add to all of this, you can be mentored by other players! Much like the student and masters of old, you can follow them around the open world scape, learn all you can from them and eventually mentor others yourself. You can take on computer-controlled characters, other players in PVP matches and even spar with others to teach techniques. With armor, equipment, combat styles and weapons all as potential loot options from downed enemies, you’ll want to take on as many as you can to expand your fisticuffs arsenal.

Absolver action
Action shot of the beat down.

Plus judging by the trailer the game is just downright pretty. A world to roam in that has a stylized look that goes the opposite way of hyper-realism that has earned it quite a bit of praise since it debuted at E3 2016. Absolver will release initially for PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows on August 29, 2017, but Xbox One and other platforms will release in the future. See you all in Adal!

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