Which Cars Would the Houses of Game of Thrones Drive?

The modded cars the Great Houses from Game of Thrones would totally drive


Thanks to the folks over at Carspring, you can see what modded cars the great houses of Westeros would drive…you know if they had cars.


…we’ve imagined what each of the houses in Game of Thrones would drive if they had the chance to emerge through a wormhole into our world. As you’ll soon see, all of the houses had plenty of money, and plenty of imagination! From House Frey’s monstrous 4×4, to House Lannister’s gold-plated BMW 3 Series, there are some serious beasts across the kingdoms…


Game of Thrones - House Arryan
House Arryan – Petyr Baelish’s choice of vehicle is of little surprise then. This sleek, rapid BMW i8 has been modded to look and travel even faster on its all-electric power.
Game of Thrones - House Frey
House Frey – The standard F-150 is already one of the toughest cars on the market, but House Frey have made it even stronger.
Game of Thrones - House Greyjoy
House Greyjoy – The House of Greyjoy is divided, but both factions use the same car. Enter the highly modified DS5, used by both Euron, and Yara and Theon.
Game of Thrones - House Tyrell
House Tyrell – The symbol of House Tyrell might be a rose, but as any Game of Thrones fan knows, there are thorns between the flowers. Likewise, House Tyrell’s Vauxhall Adam also has a sting in its tail.

To see the rest of the lineup and to download high-res images, head on over to the Carspace blog

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