Dredd Television Series In Development

Dredd Is The Law On Television

After forty years of comics, and two films, Judge Dredd is coming to your television screens.

Entertainment Weekly announced on Wednesday that a new television series, Judge Dredd: Mega City One, is now in development. According to EW “The potential show is set in a future where the East Coast of the U.S. has become a crowded and crime-ridden megalopolis. The plan is to make the series an ensemble drama about a team of Judges — futuristic cops invested with the power to be judge, jury, and executioner — as they deal with the challenges the future-shocked 22nd century throws at them.”

Produced by IM Global Television and British game studio Rebellion, the new series will star Dredd and numerous other beloved characters from the 2000 AD comic strips. No cast has been announced as of yet, but the producers, whose work includes Battlestar Galactica, have high hopes. “This is one of those seminal sci-fi properties that seems to only become more relevant with age,” said IM Global Television head Mark Stern in a statement. “Not only is it a rich world with biting social commentary, but it’s also fun as hell! As a fan of the comics and both films, it’s a dream come true to be able to work with Jason and Chris [Kingsley, heads of Rebellion] in adapting this for television”

Jason and Chris Kingsley also stated “We’re very excited to be beginning the journey to get more of Judge Dredd’s Mega-City One on the television screen.” The Kingsley brothers also produced the 2012 Dredd film. They acknowledged the cult film’s fanbase by saying “Thanks to the legions of fans who have kept up pressure on social media, and a lot of background work and enthusiasm, we aim to make a big budget production that will satisfy both our vast comics audience and the even greater general screen-watching public.”

sylvester stallone dredd
Sylvester Stallone as Judge Dredd

Judge, Jury, Executioner, Mass Media Star

First appearing in the very first issue of 2000 AD by writer John Wagner and artist Carlos Ezquerra, the no-nonsense Judge Dredd serves as judge, jury, and executioner against the criminals that thrive in Mega City One. With his face always hidden by his helmet, Dredd is a violent sociopath who dispatches justice, which is often deadly to both criminals and local bystanders. Dredd has also appeared in two films. The first, in 1995, was a box office and critical disaster starring Sylvester Stallone as the titular character. The 2012 film, starring Karl Urban, was not a box office success, but has become a fan favorite. Urban is a long time fan of the character and enthusiastically supported fan outcry for a sequel. Well, now he and fans can get their wish, and only time will tell if Urban will return to duty as Dredd.

On Wednesday, the producers released a YouTube video to whet the appetites of fans world wide.


karl urban dredd
Karl Urban as Dredd

Word of the Nerd will continue to keep an eye on this developing story.


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