Justice League Power Rangers Might Need to Save Itself – Final Issues Cancelled Pending Re-Solicitation

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Justice League Power Rangers Might Need to Save Itself – Final Issues Cancelled Pending Re-Solicitation

Fans have been loving Justice League Power Rangers, a series uniting two of the Universe’s most beloved super-teams. This collaborative series from Boom Studios and DC Comics was a planned six-issue miniseries, but with recent developments, readers are concerned that it might be more “mini” than anticipated.

Have We Lost Justice League Power Rangers for Good?

Justice League Power Rangers 5

Publishers announced that Justice League Power Rangers issues #5 and #6 have been canceled and will be re-solicited at a later date. This comes as a surprise, considering issue #4 of this short series is set to hit the stands on Wednesday, May 17th. However, with a slide in scheduling and a delay on getting issue #4 out the door, publishers might be taking production time into account in choosing to cancel and re-solicit the last two issues of the series.

Re-solicitation has happened to thousands of books and it is not an uncommon practice in the behind-the-scenes aspect of your local comic shop. When books get off schedule, or even change course and become an ongoing title instead of a limited series, soliciting the titles again for new orders gives publishers and retailers a chance to re-evaluate their orders and get the book on the right track.

Justice League Power Rangers 4

With promises from Boom Studios executives to retailers to have less books crowding the shelves, and the streamlined universe DC is creating with Rebirth, there are concerns that smaller series like Justice League Power Rangers could fall through the cracks and be forgotten. However, there are no facts to support the assertion that this Justice League Power Rangers won’t be re-solicited. For all we know, it might just be a month late- which gives readers plenty of time to catch up on the first few issues in time for the thrilling conclusion of Justice League Power Rangers. 

In the meantime, try catching up on another Boom! Mini-series, Power Rangers Pink. (Click here to read our reviews of Power Rangers Pink issues 1-6.)



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