MacFarlane’s The Orville Preps For Launch

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MacFarlane Helms Orville Cast And Crew

On Monday, FOX unveiled the trailer for their new comedy The Orville. Created by Family Guy mastermind Seth MacFarlane and Iron Man director Jon Favreau, the science fiction parody will skewer Star Trek, Star Wars, and everything between. MacFarlane stars as the titular Orville’s smarmy captain. He’s not the most capable skipper. In fact, his commander (played by Broadway legend, and Legends of Tomorrow star Victor Garber) points out he only got the job because all ships are short staffed. The Orville is crewed by a bunch of misfits, drunks, super strong but petite alien girls, and Drax like aliens who like to overshare. What makes matters worse for the captain is his no-nonsense first officer…who happens to be his ex-wife. All of this is combined with MacFarlane’s patter, comedic chops, and love for gags big and small.

Danger, Danger Peter Griffin!

MacFarlane leaves no trope, or franchise unscathed. While Star Trek is obviously the target of most of his mirth, other franchises get poked fun at as well. For example, the crew has a homicidal robot that seems to be a more friendly version of K-2SO. MacFarlane’s humor runs its usual gamut from crude bathroom humor (an alien’s bathroom habits), to sight gags (an enemy captain is asked to shift his placement on the monitor), to the urbane (the aforementioned short staffing).

The ship’s first mission seems to be grabbing a weapon that ages organic material…but seems to work best on bananas. The first officer, of course, knows what dangers this weapon poses, but the captain, of course, dismisses it out of turn. When aliens attack the facility, its all hands on deck. With the most inept crew in the galaxy to the rescue, can the captain save the day?

The Orville premieres this fall on FOX.


Images via FOX.


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