Review – God Country #5

God Country #5

God Country #5

“Come and Take it”

Balegrim the “god of death” failed to take back Valofax and was defeated by Emmett in issue #4 of God Country. Now, Attum “the god of kings” will send literal war to Texas as Aritsus “the god of war” tries to take back Volafax for his father. Emmett cannot give up Valofax without a fight, with all that it has brought back to his life. He gets to remember his family again, he gets to be apart of their lives and not be a burden unto them like he was when suffering from his Alzheimer/dementia. With the power of Valofax Emmett gets to play with his granddaughter and show her the man that he truly is. When Emmett first told Aritsus that if Attum wanted Valofax back that he would have to “come and take it” he meant it. Aritsus has come to take back Valofax and it will be a war that will be heard and felt all across Texas.

God Country #5


Donny Cates continues to pen a wonderful story in God Country #5.  Cates delves more in this issue as to why exactly Attum wants Valofax back so bad and why he will stop at nothing to get its return to his hands, it is a great insight to the character of Attum and really sets the stage issue #6 (the final issue). Donny Cates has injected the reader into the Quinlan family and has made it easy to see everyone’s perspective on these crazy events that have taken place throughout the past five issues. You can feel Janey’s (Emmett’s daughter in law) fear, anxiety and total shock of the madness that is happening and how Roy her husband is just excepting it. You can also feel Roy’s joy of having his father back and cured of his disease and that joy of having his father back is making him overlook the fact that his father is in a battle with literal “gods” and that this could threaten his family.  We can also understand Emmett’s plight of being a broken down man having Alzheimer’s strip him of his life and family and now he has that life back so of course even with all of these things happening he is not going to give up Valofax without a second thought. Cates does a fantastic job of getting all of these characters emotions across and making the reader sympathize with each one of them throughout this series. Cates not only has the drama of the series down he also knows how to script some fantastic action sequences and dial up the intensity for each issue.


Geoff Shaw continues to do beautiful work on this series, in this latest issue he gets to show off his “power moves” as he gets to show “the god of war” battling against Emmett and Valofax and Shaw does not disappoint. Shaw delivers some great pages of this heavyweight battle royal and he brings the powerful shots to life. Jason Wordie on colors also gets a chance to show off a beautiful array of blues, yellow’s and reds throughout the pages and truly make this a “battle of the gods”. Shaw not only catches the magnitude of this battle he also brings the raw emotions out in the characters and really delivers on the more dramatic pages after the battle is over and done with.


Issue #5 of God Country delivers on the all out war from the previous issue and Emmett has to decision to make and what is best for his family. The creative team on God Country has truly delivered an epic story thus far and with only one more issue to go, it will interesting where they take the Quinlan family and if they can stick the proverbial landing in concluding this series. Everything comes to a head and with one more issue to go Texas will never be the same again.

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