Review – Grass Kings #3

Grass Kings #3

“King Nothing”

After pulling a woman from the lake in the last issue of Grass Kings, Robert finally finds out who she is and what she is running from and it is not going to be good for him or the Grass Kingdom. Sheriff Humbert has sent his brother into the Grass Kingdom to do some “investigating” while trying to remain undetected he attacks a community member of the Kingdom leaving him unconscious in the woods. Robert decides he will help Maria (the woman he pulled from the lake) and hide her in his house for now, but with Humbert’s brother snooping around things can’t stay hidden forever. Soon, everything is found out and tensions boil over, after the events of this issue the Grass Kingdom will never be the same again.

Matt Kindt continues to be one of the best emotional character writers in comics. He gets so much across through his scripts and dialogue about how a character is feeling or what they are dealing with eternally without dragging it out or having the issue solely focus on one character. He magically balances each characters eternal struggles and emotional vulnerabilities with the main story plots of Sheriff Humbert wanting to get rid of the Grass Kingdom, the possible serial killer in the Grass Kingdom and Roberts struggles with his family. Each character in the Grass Kings have their own little story plot string that could be followed and Kindt juggles the different lines masterfully and weaves them all into one great story. Only complaint story wise is that I am still not 100% sure what the Grass Kingdom is and why it is not under government jurisdiction?

Grass Kings #3 coverArt:

Tyler Jenkins continues to use his loose pencil/inking style wonderfully with his water coloring technique. Grass Kings retains that dreamlike feel with Jenkins art and gives this series a “mystic” trance to it. Even with his more loose style and blotchy water coloring Jenkins continues to get great detail out of the characters and settings, each individual is recognizable and features are not lost in the art. He has a great close up of a flock of birds eating and it is a very haunting image. Without Jenkins art the book would have a whole different tone, if a more traditional artist was on it the series may have a more just murder mystery feel, but Jenkins style just gives the series a nudge into that mysterious fairy tale direction hat sets it apart.


Matt Kindt and Tyler Jenkins prove to be a great creative team and keep delivering a fantastic story in Grass Kings. Questions are still left unanswered but in issue #3 we do start to get an inkling of why Sheriff Humbert wants in The Grass Kingdom and get some more information about the possible serial killer in the midst. The introduction of Maria into the Grass Kingdom and why she is there introduces nothing but trouble for Richard and his brothers. It has never been easy to rule the Grass Kingdom and things just got a lot more complicated for the Grass Kings.

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