Review – Iron Fist #3

Iron Fist #3

Da Mystery of Chessboxin’

In Iron Fist #3, Danny Rand continues the Trial of the Seven Masters on the Kung-Fu island of Liu-Shi. He has previously defeated The Eel of the Blessed Waters and at the end of issue #2,  he was confronted by The Rat of 12 Plaques. Poisoned and badly hurt can Danny Rand muster the strength to defeat The Rat of 12 Plaques and even if he does will he even be able to stand and face the next master in line The Resourceful Serpent! While Danny continues the trials to gain his Chi back and the power of the Iron Fist, others on the island have more diabolic plans for Danny and may rig the tournament to make sure Danny never wins.

Every time I get to type names like “The Eel of the Blessed Waters” or “The Rat of 12 Plaques” it brings a big smile to my face and this is exactly what reading the past few issues of Iron Fist has done to me, it is just a joy to read. Ed Brisson has brought Kung-Fu movies to the comic book page and it is a delight to read. Brisson is writing a fantastic story that is playing out just like a movie. Danny on this Trial of the Seven Masters is a perfect set up to not only develop Danny Rand as a character as he struggles to regain his Chi and identity, but also a fantastic way to introduce new characters into the Iron Fist lore and into the Marvel Universe as a whole. Brisson also does a fantastic job of giving Danny’s perspective on being accepted into K’un-Lun and what others think of his achievement of becoming the Iron Fist in this issue. 

Iron Fist #3 cover
Iron Fist #3 cover


Mike Perkins absolutely amazed me with his work on Iron Fist #3. He has a full fight scene on a single page that is spread over 20+ panels and it does not seem cluttered or confusing it flows like water, it is stunning. I have no clue how he did it but it is truly an amazing piece or work that shows off his skills. Perkins makes the action of this series come to life, each kick, punch, block, knee or whatever is shown in great detail and plays out cinematically on the page. The art is a feast for the eyes and colorist Andy Troy should get some of that praise also. From the beautiful scenic beaches from issue #2 with the battle of the Eel of the Blessed Waters into this issue of the rotten, dark, ghost town of the Rat of 12 Plaques Troy makes these settings come to life and give the mood and style of each individual master.


With each issue of Iron Fist, the series keeps getting better and better. Each introduction of a new master leaves the reader with intrigue and questions of what they bring to the fight and how or if Danny will be able to defeat them. Brisson also is creating a great story behind the Trial of the Seven Masters that has double crossings and other sneaky business going behind the scenes of the battles. The art team is just fantastic and bring these brutal fight scenes to life. Iron Fist is definitely not a series to miss if you dig Bruce Lee or old Kung-Fu movies you will adore Iron Fist #3!

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