Advance Review – Shirtless Bear Fighter #1

Shirtless Bear Fighter #1

All out of Bubblegum

(Spoiler Free)

This first issue of Shirtless Bear Fighter introduces us to “Shirtless”, a man with no name who does one thing and one thing only, fight bears! When an American city comes under attack from a ruthless bear and all options are out the government tries to recruit “shirtless” to leave the woods and come to their aid. How do you get a man that cares nothing for the city or money to help. Well, you offer him a lifetime supply of maple syrup and flapjacks (don’t dare call them pancakes!) but even that may not be enough to get him to save America.

The writing team is obviously having a ton of fun with this series. Using some great action movie tropes and using the ridiculousness of this character concept to great comedic benefit. They throw jokes fast and furious at the reader and most all of them stick to some varying degree of laughter, to a mild chuckle to a nice belly laugh. Shirtless Bear Fighter is just as silly as its title entails and does not hold back on delivering a humorous tale of a man who fights bears. Writing comedy in comics is a tough job because a lot of comedy has to do with timing and that can be hard to do in a visual medium like comics sequencing the words with the art to benefit the joke. The creative team does a really good job of syncing this all together to make this a fun “romp” through the woods.

Shirtless Bear Fighter #1
Shirtless Bear Fighter #1 Cover


Nil Vendrell Pallach shows off an outrageous cartooning style that fits the Shirtless Bear Fighter perfectly. The characters are just cartoony enough to give the reader an almost “Saturday morning” cartoon feel, while still not being too exaggerated as to fully pull the reader out of the story.  The first fight scene between Shirtless and a bear (come on that’s no spoiler it says it in the title!) is absolutely beautifully done, Pallach gets details down and knows how to make an action scene flow, Pallach also uses his skills to nail the comedy aspect of the book. The looks on characters faces or their individual designs a perfectly matched with the writing to make the jokes stick or “pop” even more. Sean Spicer on colors brings this world to life with his bright bombastic colors that give the Shirtless Bear Fighter world have that “cartoon” feel to it.


All around Shirtless Bear Fighter is exactly what it says it is, a story about a man who does not wear a shirt and fights bears. It is a funny concept and the creative actually puts a little story behind it to keep the reader’s attention and to drive onto the next issue. The only real problem with a series like this is how long does it stay funny? They deliver some rather crazy things in this first issue and all that craziness and zany happenings are great, but the real question is will all of this remain funny through the series five issue run or will it become stale? That is a question to be answered in upcoming issues but for now, if you are looking for something off the wall and to tickle your funny bone issue #1 of Shirtless Bear Fighter should scratch that itch.

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