The Dark Tower Trailer: Fans Forget Faces of Their Fathers


The Trailer Heard ‘Round Mid-World


Fans and Faithful React … as expected

Because of course, they did.

What still remains a difficult problem for fans and long time faithful of The Dark Tower is they still can’t seem to understand – judging by the comments section of all the trailer reviews, write-ups, and articles hitting the internet today is that the movie is not a book adaptation.

All over nerd sites which are covering the drop, the comments sections are lighting up with hate about how the new film is a “bastardization” of the books, how (again) Roland should be white, and questions about where the rest of the cast are.

Those making said comments are also making sure to establish their cred by mentioning that they have been reading the books since Methuselah was a boy or read it fifty-seventeen times back when they lived on Pangea. And I would remind those who are saying they live by the breath of those pages, to remember the faces of their Fathers, because…

Take the Coda [Spoilers]

…In the last book, there is a section called “The Coda” – which King urges readers to skip if they want the happy ending. For those, like myself, who didn’t heed that warning: we go with Roland as he steps into the Tower. As he climbs the steps he sees and passes various rooms with signs and sigils of his past life: Susan – pretty girl at the window, his ka-tet, his mother.

At the top of the tower stands a door with his own name – which he opens. In that instant, to Roland’s horror, he realizes he has done this many times before. The hands of Gan itself pushes him through the door – and he is once again in the Mohaine Desert, with no memories of any of his past runs. The voice of Gan whispers that if he reaches the Tower again, perhaps this time it will be different – there may yet be rest.

What makes the difference in this trip?

At the end of book seven – The Dark Tower – when Roland steps out the door at the end of the Coda: he has the horn of Eld.


The Dark Town
The Horn of Eld, seen peeking out of Roland’s bag on-set

So what I would remind my fandom at this very moment, those who have read this book since Methuselah was indeed a boy, would be to remember the finale of the book series we all so love. And then realize that this movie is -NOT- an adaptation of that book series. Or the comics.

The Dark Tower movie is Roland’s last chance. His last run up the tower. His last crossing of the Mohaine Desert. His last ka-tet. His last crossing of the rose fields. This is it.

If he fails: there are no other worlds than these.

We are not watching the Roland we grew to hate, love, and respect through the books. The one we saw fall and rise. We are watching his last chance. Our last chance.

And waiting for him to blow that horn.

Want to hear more of me ranting about The Dark Tower? Join us on the next episode of Angry on the Internet where I do a special NerdRage edition!

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  • It would be nice if people slowed down a bit and read the information being released about the movie, so that they understood what kind of movie it is.

    I’m excited for this movie. It’s interesting to me that they are making it a continuation of the existing story, and not a normal adaptation. And Idris Elba is amazing. I’ll watch him in anything. I think he’ll be great as Roland.

    People just need to chill out and wait til the movie is actually out to lose their minds.

  • Thank Gan, someone gets it. The Horn of Eld changes EVERYTHING. If ‘fans’ don’t understand it, then I guess they either didn’t finish the books, or they didn’t understand what happened at the end. It’s sad that the fans are already smearing the trailer, which I think looks really encouraging.

    To the tower, Gunslingers. One last time.

    • The gravity of it all immediately hit me when I saw the beams in the trailer – and knowing that King’s caption of “last. time. around.” was relevant. Let’s hope he saves us all.

  • Although this movie is as said, an adaptation of what happens next in the gunslingers world, there are some things that should be addressed.
    Yes Idris Elba is a fantastic actor and i have enjoyed everything I’ve seen him in, he is not however Roland Deschain. He displays too much emotion and too much random movement/acrobatics that you would never see Roland doing.
    The timelines and events ordering would be crucial to the outcome of each recurance of Roland Deschain reaching the tower, so altering them would be a DIFFERENT perspective, not a RECURRENCE.
    Leaving out pivotal character interaction would essentially change Roland’s whole thought and decision making process, once again making it DIFFERENT rather than RECURRING.
    NOW, all that being said, i am very excited to see this movie based in a favorite landscape and with a familiar ring. It’s a gunslinger story. It’s not OUR gunslinger, but it will be very good anyway.